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Give thanks for all your blessings
pastor corner

“Are you scared at all?” That’s a question I asked my dad recently. His cancer is terminal, but at this time he is fully aware of everything that is happening to him.

It’s a question that makes sense to me. I can say that I am not afraid of death, but the thought of dying gives me alarm.

My dad’s answer to me was classic.

“No, son. I’m not afraid. But I am a little sad.” And then we talked about things he might miss – great-grandchildren growing up (he has four of them now), my sister and me retiring, the Braves winning another World Series (yes, he said that).

But then he recounted how blessed he’s been. My mom saw two grandchildren graduate high school. Dad has seen all five reach adulthood.

As we think about life, we all have regrets – sadness over things that we may have missed. Some of them we have caused. Others have been completely out of our control.

But we all have so many blessings that have come our way. Again, we have helped to produce some of the things we have. But in reality, all of life is a gift. God has been good. He has blessed us all.

More and more I am learning the lesson of being thankful. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Turkey, parades and football. And it’s all topped off by cherry cream cheese pie. My mom’s recipe, and my wife has learned it well. How does anything get better than that?

But Paul said, “In everything give thanks.” Not for everything, mind you, but in everything.

The Bible does not say that there is a silver lining in every cloud, but the Bible does say that God is in control, and that he can be trusted.

And so today, I will be “a little sad” at the thought of losing my dad. But I will give thanks for having a dad who has given me a glimpse into what my heavenly Father is like.

And I will give thanks for every other blessing I have enjoyed in this life. God is truly good. I will give him thanks.

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