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Forget not His many benefits
pastor corner

In Psalm 103:2, the writer says, “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits....”

He goes on with a list of several benefits that not only applied to him but to all who will truly become children of God. As I was reading this I realized that we all could come up with our own lists.

God is and has been so good to us in so many ways.

I began to think about what could be on my list of benefits. As I will write it may seem like I am rambling on but there are so many, like salvation through Jesus at the top of my list. Then there is a wonderful wife and kids and grandkids that are healthy. Then there is this privilege I have for being born in a free country with so many opportunities to be successful. Then there is a wonderful church family of believers who love each other.

One of the best benefits is experiencing the faithfulness of God on a daily basis.

The other day I was thinking back on how many times I came so close to being involved in a serious car accident and how through God’s protective hand I was spared.

I also thought of so many other potential tragedies that could have ended my life. I’ll just give you one example: I had climbed up to the top of a tree trimming off some upper limbs and started climbing down when I stepped on a rotten limb that snapped. I started falling and kept bouncing off of limbs for about 30 feet until I landed on my back on the hard ground.

I must have passed out for a few seconds and when I came to, I looked around and to my surprise it was not heaven. I started wiggling my fingers and toes so I presumed I was not paralyzed. I stood up, then went into the house to clean up with absolutely no injuries.

What surprised me most was that I had no soreness that day or days later.

Listen, I could tell many stories like this and maybe some day should write a book about them, but the fact is, many of you could testify to stories of God’s goodness and benefits that happened in your life.

Share them and praise God for them.

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