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First lady's speech disappoints reader
Letter to the editor

Editor, I think of commencement speeches as being uplifting, a challenge to the graduates to each go out and achieve their dreams, to be honest and responsible, be proud of themselves and respect others, to work hard at each thing one endeavors while learning from mistakes. If you have a job, great, but if not, plug away until you get one. Life is like building blocks. When they get knocked down, put them back up and keep building.

One of Michelle Obama’s speeches celebrated Brown v. Board of Education. It was not only one of recounting the 1950s, but how blacks came to this country in chains. It was difficult to hear her mention the achievements made since 1954 as she dragged down everyone through the turmoil of years gone by. There are horror stories over many generations, but we try to learn from mistakes to improve our lives. The graduates deserved to be cheered on to face their individual challenges, not to relive the past. Have they not been taught history? John H. McWhorter, in his book “Losing the Race,” labels living in the past “victimology,” and Baltimore and Ferguson are going to continue happening as the black leaders, including Obama, constantly preach victimology.

Obama grew up in a traditional family. She is now the first lady, living in the White House, her children are in private schools, her mother lives with the family. She spends thousands of dollars on vacations, clothes, jewelry. She has more than 20 attendants for assistance in the White House at the cost of $1,555,000, plus her makeup staff. She enjoys a chef who serves fine wine and gourmet meals, Secret Service protection, private jets and lavish parties. And the family’s wealth has grown to $7 million. Why has she not moved from the past to what presently can be achieved in our great country?

Liz Bartlett
Richmond Hill

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