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Even in these divided times, our calling remains the same
pastor corner

Pastor Devin Strong, Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church.

I heard someone describe this year’s Election Day as “The longest Tuesday ever.” That’s a sentiment we can probably all agree on! It saddens me that, as a nation, we’re more divided politically than I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Some Americans are deeply grieving the results of the presidential election and may still be questioning its legitimacy. Others are feeling excited and optimistic at the prospect of a new president. Much like our country, Spirit of Peace church is likely a good mix of “red” and “blue.”

Like everyone else, I have my own political opinions, which I keep private in order to pastor everyone who comes through our doors without preconceived notions on either end. I want to be able to teach and preach, care for, and learn from people all across the political spectrum. Moreover, from a Christian perspective, I’m convinced that no politician — Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Independent – can save us. Only Jesus can cure us of the sin that ails us.

As people of faith, we actually share in a far deeper identity than what is sometimes seen on the surface.

Our identity as children of God firmly comes before our political affiliation, our job or economic status, our marital status or our sexual orientation. Because – before any and everything else – you and I first belong to God!

What this identity means to us is that whether we’re elated or devasted by the recent elections, our job as Jesus-followers remains much the same. We are regularly called to:

• Confess our sins • Share the hope of the good news

• Serve our neighbors

• Love those around us, especially those who are different from us I am the first to admit that this is hard work, and it is definitely going to be an ongoing journey, especially in the politically charged atmosphere in which we find ourselves.

Nonetheless, this continues to be our steadfast calling as disciples of Jesus.

With that in mind, I challenge us all in the coming days to think, act, and pray less like a Republican or Democrat, and more like a child of God, because that is what we are – all of us.

God loves you, and so do I!

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