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Epistle of II Peter
pastor corner

Dr. Lawrence Butler

The Bridge Church, Pembroke

The author of the Epistle of II Peter is, of course, the Apostle Peter.

The letter was apparently written around the end of his life, somewhere between 64 and 70 A.D. During that same period the Apostle Paul was also imprisoned at Rome and put to death by the same emperor, Nero.

There is extensive parallelism between the last epistle written by Peter and the last epistle written by Paul (II Timothy). Both see their end as near, the prevalence of false teaching, the general corruptness of society and coming apostasies. The similarities are remarkable.

The Epistle of II Peter consists of three general and distinct sections. We must understand and identify each to grasp the message Peter is attempting to convey. Great emphasis is placed upon the Word of God and the certainty of the messages found therein.

The first is that of living a spiritual life. It is secured by precious promises, and seven critical steps are required to achieve this position in Christ.

In spite of any obstacle, whether man-made or spiritually constructed, there is a way to overcome any and all resistance we may face. Key terms for Christians to remember are grace, peace and God’s “divine power.”

The second section of this epistle foreshadows the impact of false prophets and false teachers. A rigid adherence to the Word of God will protect us from the coming dangers. Those who do not adhere to God’s word will open their hearts and minds o things unimaginable. Thus, we read in chapter two the influence false teachers will have. The tragic results of their teaching include deceivings, adulteries, instability, covetous practices and emptiness. Not a life to be desired.

The third section of the epistle reveals the judgment of God on the sins of the people. People mock the prophecies of our Lord’s return to earth, but Peter clearly believed it and warned about the coming Day of the Lord, as well as the Day of God. Have you ever wondered about these things?

Ever thought about them? Now is the time.

Stay with me as we examine the Epistle of II Peter over the next few weeks,

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