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Don’t lose connections
pastor corner

The other day I heard two commercials in a row on television describing the times we are living in as a time of social distancing.

What we need to get ahold of is the fact that there is a difference between social distancing and physical distancing. We should never be asked to practice social distancing because it is unhealthy and emotionally dangerous.

In the world we live in we can take measures of being safe and help prevent the coronavirus from spreading, but we need to be in contact with each other. We at least need to hear a voice and more preferably see the faces of others.

The great news is that with the technology we have in today’s world, we can see each other face-to-face and can communicate on a consistent basis and I encourage you to practice this.

When Jesus was on earth with his disciples, he was with them physically at least most days if not every day. Then there came a time when he was going to be leaving them to go back to God the Father.

But he reminded them that even though he wouldn’t be with them physically, he would still be with them socially. He would be present and still be communicating with them through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

He revealed this truth in Matthew 28:20, where he said, “And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Right now we have to change the way we communicate in many instances, but we must never lose the social connection with others.

Even if we think we don’t personally need it so much, there are others who do. Let us be used of our Lord to be there for the needs of others.

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