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Don't flake out on veterans day
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Folks!! Voting is a right given to you by this great country of ours. Shame on you if you have excuses not to vote.
When I think of what our own citizens are giving up, the lame excuses I hear make me very sick. People make more choices at a Subway sandwich shop.
It’s not that hard guys and gals. We’ve fought and died for this right. It’s what makes us a Republic. Have you forgotten history or what? You know, that job you’re so busy doing might not be there much longer if you don’t exercise your right to vote.
You say, “My vote doesn’t matter.” Well, you’ll think differently when you or your children get hauled off to some re-education camp by the new communist regime that has taken over.
You might say they are all corrupt so it doesn’t matter anyway. So why don’t you run for office? You must at least vote, sir or madame. This is our country, based on the fact that the people would run the country and do what is moral and virtuous. Voting says that you are a citizen of these United States, just as our first president George Washington.
There are people in our government who want to destroy what George Washington and the founders created. And it is my belief we are about to lose our precious country to communistic ideas that have never worked in the history of world governments. Your rights in the Constitution are under attack, and your only defense is your vote.
Please don’t give up your ammo folks. This is all we have. You must vote Nov. 2 or before.
“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” Ben Franklin     

Jeffers lives in Richmond Hill.                 
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