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Democrats are putting an end to U.S.
Letter to the editor

Editor: Every time the Democrats do something, it costs the American people money. Locally, SPLOST is a good example. But when Washington does something, it really costs us. The best example is Obamacare. Next year, the rates are going up from 25 to 116 percent. Obama said in a recent speech, "You are getting better quality, even though you don’t know that Obamacare is doing it." I’m not too sure about the better-quality part.

The worst part of Obamacare is that you either pay the high premiums or you get fined. Oops, I mean taxed. In its infinite wisdom, the Supreme Court decided that the fine for not having insurance is a tax, and therefore legal. In many cases, healthy millennials have decided to forgo the insurance and pay the fine.

Our daughter, who lives in Virginia, pays $2,200 a month for health insurance for her family. There is only one insurance company for the entire state, so it can charge what it wants. All the major insurance companies have dropped out of Obamacare because they were losing money.

Here is the kicker. If you work and can afford Obamacare, you are fined if you don’t have it. If you are in a low-income bracket, the government gives you a subsidy to pay for it. Just in case you don’t know what a subsidy is—the government takes from those that earn a higher income and gives money to those who are less fortunate. Therefore, if you are middle class and can afford Obamacare, you not only pay high premiums but you also pay higher taxes so that the government can pay for others’ health care.

Laws like this drive middle class Americans into poverty, which is what the government wants to do. The more people dependent on government handouts, the more voters that the Democrats have. How is that you ask? The more that you get "free" from the government, the more you vote to keep the goodies coming. Whereas, the Republicans want good jobs so that everyone benefits.

The Democrats want the rich and corporations to pay their fair share, yet they pass laws giving their benefactors ways to get around paying taxes. Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, George Soros and many other rich people take advantage of these laws. Corporations just move their money offshore into countries that offer lower taxes. Apple is a good example. They moved billions to Ireland to avoid taxes.

We are becoming a one-party country because one party wants us beholding to them by giving the store away while driving us further into debt. If the American people do not put a stop to this, we will no longer be the greatest country in the world.

Len Calderone


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