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The cure for sin is available
pastor corner

During the last several weeks, the coronavirus has affected the lives of people worldwide. It is in our country as well now, and many are fearful of how bad it can get.

As I thought about this virus, I thought of how it can be compared to sin.

This virus is like sin, in that it can negatively affect the lives of people – both can bring about death. The virus can cause some to die from a physical illness, while the consequences of some sin can lead to physical death and the consequences of sin if not dealt with will lead to eternal spiritual death.

Another likeness is there most likely will be a cure gifted scientists will come up with just as there is a cure for the sin problem.

There are some differences between the two. What will stop the coronavirus is a vaccine or other medical treatment, while the forgiveness offered through Jesus Christ is the only cure for the sin problem.

The cure for sin is available now for anyone who wants it and it is free, while everyone in the world may not have access to a cure for the coronavirus and it may cost something.

As followers of Jesus, what should be our response? First we need to pray for those around the world who have contacted the virus and pray for a cure. More importantly, we should pray for those around the world living in sin who have not found or experienced its cure

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