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County schools are boosting scores and collecting awards
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Good things are happening in schools across our county.

First and foremost is the news about the rise in the county’s average SAT scores. Both of the county’s high schools managed increase their average scores in 2012. Richmond Hill High School’s average score went up 11 points from 1,498 in 2011 to 1,509 in 2012. But Bryan County High School brought its average score up a whopping 109 points — from 1,349 in 2011 to 1,458 in 2012.

BCHS’ increase brings both schools’ average scores above the state average, and RHHS’ increase brings its score above the national average. This is a proud moment for our community indeed, and our hat goes off to the BCHS principal Dawn Hadley and RHHS principal Helen Herndon, as well as the teachers at both schools.

But praise can’t end there. The principals and staff at each of the primary, elementary and middle schools deserve mentioning, too. Many of the students whose scores bumped up a few points have been in the county school system from Day 1, and the thirst for knowledge and the drive to do well often starts at an early age. All of Bryan County’s educators deserve a pat on the back for this achievement.

Other exciting news is the grants recently awarded to four Richmond Hill teachers through the Coastal Electric Cooperative’s Bright Ideas program. Christy Crowley at G.W. Carver Elementary School won $671 for “Physical Education + Math+Success.” Candace Denton at Richmond Hill Elementary School won $449 for “I can Read…From A to Z.” Mary Jo Fina at Richmond Hill High School won $1,636 for “Turn the Beat Around: Teaching Early CPR and Defibrillation.” And Jessica Bosworth at Richmond Hill Pre-K Center won $730 for “Parenting the Love and Logic Way.”

According to the Coastal Electric Co-op website, the Bright Ideas program encourages teachers to come up with creative and innovative ideas for the classroom that might not get funding through the school system. The initiative of these teachers is admirable, and we congratulate them on their awards.

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