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County has new communications tool
Carter Infinger
Carter Infinger is the current chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

Bryan County has a new communications tool available, and we’re proud to unveil it to those who will find it most useful – our residents.

We hope that you have received our new Annual Report and have enjoyed looking it over. We directmailed the publication to all citizens in the county and are eager to hear your thoughts on it. In the annual report, you’ll find information on most of our public-facing county departments, including Public Works, EMS, Recreation, and several others.

It’s important to the County Commission and the government staff that our residents understand the role these departments play in keeping Bryan County up and running.

You’ll find highlights on the government’s recent achievements and accomplishments, information on how tax dollars are used, photos illustrating our county’s beauty, and examples of county employees working together to improve our quality of life and meet challenges head-on. We’re proud of all we’ve done here over the past few years, and this report is the perfect way to showcase everything we worked hard on as well as the plans we’ll continue to develop in the future.

As you likely surmised by the name, we plan to make this report an annual publication and we look forward to expanding it as the years go by. Eventually, we’d like to make it more of a comprehensive guide to all county government matters, such as financial outlooks, valuable contact information, public programs, elected officers and more. If there’s something you’d like to see included in the report next year, please provide your suggestions. This is a resourceful took for Bryan County residents and we’re committed to making it as helpful as possible.

As you browse the report, you too can take pride in the events and images you see reflected upon the pages. Bryan County wouldn’t be the amazing community it is without the engaged, compassionate people who call it home. You’ve been a part of getting us to where we are, and we anticipate that with our residents’ continued involvement, we have many, many wonderful years to look forward to.

Another recent development property owners may want to take note of is the new Flood Insurance Rate Map zones that went into effect last month. The changes to FEMA flood zones were approved a few weeks ago and could affect your insurance policies, as well as whether or not you’re required to have flood insurance. If you’re a home or business owner, you should contact your insurance agent to see if your zone has changed, as tens of thousands of acres that previously were in flood zones have since been removed. Conversely, a thousand of so acres that weren’t previously considered flood zones now are listed as such.

If you are interested in checking the status of your home, use this interactive took at to get a better understanding.

Infinger is chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

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