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You can't go to Washington and now you can't dance
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As you read this, be aware this column is written by a grandmother and is entirely self-serving.
Friday night at the Effingham/Richmond Hill High school basketball game, my grandson joined in the half-time dance with the school mascot. A photograph of the two was taken by Effingham Now, a newspaper in Effingham County.
The reporter said the dance “got the crowd on its feet” and identified my grandson as an Effingham student. That is not true; he lives in Richmond Hill and is a student here.
I can only imagine my grandson was simply motivated by the excitement and was caught up in the joy of the moment. The spectators seemed to enjoy it, too.
However, some folks from Richmond Hill thought it was “undignified” and complained, which led to my grandson being cautioned by a well-intentioned adult to “not do that again.”
As you may expect, this was very dispiriting to someone so full of life and happiness in the moment.
Wouldn’t it be better if we as adults could say to the complainers – get a life; learn to dance; join in the dance? School days will soon be gone… you’ll enter the real world soon enough.
My grandson has learned to dance and does it well, and I hope he continues to dance through life (remember this is a grandmother writing).
In any event, my grandson came home excited and happy that his half-time dance made the crowd so happy only to have that feeling completely dashed by Saturday night.
Now, I must admit, my grandson is not perfect. He’s had his ups and downs at school and when it was a down, he got what he deserved. But Friday night was a great feeling for a young man. I guess I wish he had been allowed to savor that moment a little longer.
We have so many no-no's at school these days. Isn’t there someway to lighten things up a bit and make it more enjoyable for all?
We can’t send the band to Washington and now, because of a few complainers, we can’t dance at basketball games. Too bad…maybe we should dance more.
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