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Thank you, city council
The Richmond Hill Historical Society is asking for the public to help in identifying photographs and other items of interest we have around the Richmond Hill Museum. Does anyone recognize the three boys working in the trade school? We would like to put names to the faces and are interested in knowing the year this photo was taken. We look forward to hearing from you. Please call the Richmond Hill Museum at 756-3697. - photo by Photo provided.
It isn’t often you get to publicly thank your elected officials. On April 20  the Richmond Hill City Council voted to give the Richmond Hill Historical Society $7,000 to help us run the Richmond Hill Museum.  
Mayor Fowler and council persons Van Hunter, Russ Carpenter, Marilyn Hodges and Jimmy Hires all voted yea. The Richmond Hill Historical Society Officers, Board members, and general members want to sincerely thank them for their largess and support.  Knowing we are not the only ones who see the importance in preserving our history helps reinforce
The Historical Society’s mission and pays honor to those people who originally started the Richmond Hill Heritage Society in the 1990’s.
The Historical Society’s mission is to collect, preserve, and promote the history of Richmond Hill, Bryan Neck, and Bryan County. Our members feel a responsibility to those who came before us. We believe it is important to keep our history alive and well. Richmond Hill and Bryan Neck are unique in their beauty and diverse history. For more than 300 years this area has had a presence in helping define our county, our state, and our country.
A number of our members are not native “Richmond Hillians” or “Bryan Countians.” They were drawn to the coast, to the county, and to the city because this is an area where you are able to still embrace the past as you venture into the future.
Many of us came from regions once defined by their histories but as these areas grew their personalities were lost; their history watered down and eventually dissolved.
We want to prevent having Bryan Neck and Richmond Hill suffer the same fate…. so…. we keep telling the story of Richmond Hill and Bryan Neck to anyone who is willing to listen.
The Historical Society is lucky to have a building, generously provided to us by Magnolia Manor, to house the stories, artifacts, and items of general interest donated or loaned to The Society over the years. We are especially lucky to have a City Council interested and actively involved in promoting the history of the area.

Volker is president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society.
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