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A poem of love and remembrance
Letter to the editor
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Editor, I would like to share this poem with all who have suffered the loss of a loved one:

“Our Love of Velvet Embraces”

He has eyes of sparkling blue
A smile that can melt the snow
A love of velvet embraces
And I never want to let go.
He always makes me laugh
His whispers are songs in rhyme
I love the scent of his cologne
And his kisses sweeter than wine.
He holds my hand with tenderness
We stroll together hand and hand
He holds me close for our kiss
He’s such a great and gentle man.
He makes every day worth living
He always has time for me
He is the oxygen that I breathe
Without him, where would I be?
I’ve never known such bliss
He’s always by my side
Loving me, taking care of me
He’s my heart, my soul, and my pride.
I’ve waited a lifetime to find
The love of my life, this man
He is my soul mate
He is my husband and my best friend.

I lost my husband, Hubert, at 3:18 a.m. Sept. 3, and he was my soul mate and the love of my life. God bless.

—Marie Barnard, Ellabell

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