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Teachers of the year honored
Teachers of the Year
Teachers of the Year (from left) Allen Cox, Lisa Roberts, Michael Owens, Sarah Brown, Ken Butler, Amy Blocker, Fredda Ingram, Askia Jackson and Emory Warnock. - photo by Ross Blair

Bryan County School Superintendent Dr. Sallie Brewer and the school board recently awarded plaques to all of the recent recipients of the system’s Teacher of the Year award.

Brewer invited each school principal to make a brief statement about the respective award winners:

- Principal Dr. Pattie Newman recognized LPS Teacher of the Year Anne Miller, who was not in attendance. Newman said that Miller, a teacher for the past 35 years, "has probably forgotten more that most teachers ever know."

- Assistant Principal Janet Butler recognized BCES Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown. Butler said Brown’s students' love for her is very apparent as is her confidence in her teaching abilities in this her third year.

- Principal Deborah Hamm recognized BCMS winner Teacher of the Year Ken Butler. Hamm noted that Butler is himself a BCHS graduate and students dedicated last year’s yearbook to him.

- Principal Harold Roach recognized BCHS Teacher of the Year Michael Owens. Roach commended Owens high expectations of his children, saying that his kids know and respect this.

- Principal Walt Barnes recognized RHPS Teacher of the Year Allen Cox. "Allen is a character and a man of character," said Barnes. "He seems to gravitate to and spend time with the children who need his help the most."

- Principal James Bing recognized RHES Teacher of the Year Askia Jackson. Bing said, prior to her coming aboard, he recommended Jackson for her position as they went to the same church. He said that, since then, fellow staff has been highly impressed by her skills and that "she is always surrounded by children every time I see her."

- Principal Joye Johnson recognized CES Teacher of the Year Amy Blocker. Johnson called her a "behind the scenes leader" and "one of Carver’s best cheerleaders. Her personality and enthusiasm is infectious."

- Principal Helen Herndon recognized RHMS Teacher of the Year Emery Warnock. Herndon called Warnock, who is the school’s band director, a "tireless worker and a musical visionary. He turns noise into beautiful music."

- Principal Charles Spann recognized RHHS Teacher of the Fredda Ingram. Spann cited the fact that she is on campus from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. He said she considers mathematics "a beautiful thing" and has the ability to purvey this vision to students.


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