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Statue vandals caught
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The mysterious case of the baby Jesus statue being taken from a nativity scene in Richmond Hill and destroyed has been solved by RHPD Lt. Michael Albritton.
Three teens were recently apprehended by Albritton and they allegedly confessed.
Albritton worked off a lead from a local RHHS student who overheard someone bragging of the incident on a Bryan County school bus. Albritton was able to track down the three suspects from this lead.
Albritton said the suspects were willing to make restitution on the matter, and that two of them visited the Charrons to express that, along with an apology.
The young men have since paid the collective $600 in damages.
Charron said that, when he questioned the young men, they could not give him a coherent reason why they committed such an act. He said the act was committed at 1:30 a.m. and that their answer as to why they were out during that time was that they couldn’t sleep, so they went out walking.
Charron further stated he has concluded this was apparently “kids being stupid” and was appreciative toward the RHPD for supplying an answer as to what happened that night.
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