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Kingston wants lower drinking age for soldiers on post
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U.S. Rep. Jack Kinston, R-Ga., introduced a bill late last month that would allow active duty service members to drink beer and wine at establishments on military posts where alcohol is distributed for immediate consumption. Kingston and Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., co-sponsored the bill just before Congress recessed.
“The bill does not allow for the consumption of liquor or the purchase of alcohol in large quantities or where it’s intended to be consumed off premises,” Kingston spokesman Chris Crawford said in an e-mail Thursday. “Right now, we’re asking the House Armed Services Committee to hold a hearing on the bill so we can make our case.”
Crawford estimates the approximately 28,000 service members who deployed to Iraq this past spring are younger than 21.
“Essentially, Jack believes that if we trust someone enough to risk their lives for this country and to operate million dollar equipment, we ought to trust them enough to have a beer on post,” the spokesman said.

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