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#clickbaitbooks nailed it 10 times with new book titles
"The Great Gatsby," "To Kill A Mockingbird" and other classic novels were turned into clickbait recently with the trending hashtag #clickbaitbooks. - photo by Chandra Johnson
Rarely has clickbait ever been as entertaining as it became this week with the trending Twitter hashtage #clickbaitbooks, where users reimagined classic novels with clickbait titles.

Invented as a way of getting readers to click on Internet content at all costs, clickbait has become a calling card of the Internet and, to many, a scourge content that promised the unbelievable in a headline, but seldom delivers.

But in the case of #clickbaitbooks, it did. Here are some of the best titles reimagined:

1. "9 Shocking Ways to Kill a Mockingbird (No. 7 Will Surprise You!)" (To Kill A Mockingbird)

2. "7 Things You Have to Destroy Before You Can Kill Voldemort" (Harry Potter)

3. "We Put a Plane Full of Boys on an Island with a Dead Pilot and a Pig. What Happened Next Will Destroy Your Faith in Humanity" (Lord of the Flies)

4. "Why is This Man Willing to Kill for Jewelry? His Reasons May Surprise You" (Lord of the Rings)

5. "He Didn't Want to Dance With Her When They First Met. Now He Really, Really Does" (Pride and Prejudice)

6. "We Thought We Could Beat On Against The Current Without Being Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past. Boy, Were We Wrong." (The Great Gatsby)

7. "They Told Him White Whales were Impossible to Hunt. That's When He Went Literally Crazy" (Moby Dick)

8. "Doctors HATE Him!! This One Weird Trick Prevents Aging" (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

9. "Prisoner 24601. Where Is He Now?" (Les Miserables)

10. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. You won't BELIEVE what happens next" (The Bible)
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