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Best, worst 2015 super bowl ads
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GLENDALE, Arizona The XLIX Super Bowl aired Sunday, showcasing the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. If your team didnt make it, you may have been among those who just watched the game for the commercials.

Companies paid an astounding $4.5 million to air a 30-second ad during the prime TV slot, according to ABC News. Sometimes their creativity pays off and sometimes it doesnt. This year saw inspirational, emotional and depressing ads among the more than 80 commercials that aired. Overall, the theme for this years ads seemed to be more serious than funny.

Here is a recap of the ads that got the best and worst reviews on social media.

The Best

  • Budweisers Lost Dog commercial was voted to the top of the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter by more than 20,000 registered panelists. The commercial was a sequel to last years winning Super Bowl commercial. The puppy won Americas heart all over again after it was rescued from a wolf by the Budweiser Clydesdales. You cant beat that.
  • Although Always released its Like A Girl commercial in June, the hashtag began trending on Twitter after it aired during the Super Bowl. The commercial was created to champion girls confidence and fights against using the phrase Like A Girl as an insult.
  • Coke hit America right in the feels with its Make It Happy ad, promoting positivity. The online campaign strives to fight against online trolls and bullying by changing the messages to happy ones. Anyone who uses the hashtag #MakeItHappy with a negative comment theyve received will get a personalized tweeted picture from Coke.
  • Fiat surprised everyone after turning what looked like a Viagra commercial into a car ad. While some viewers had unfavorable opinions (and probably uncomfortable conversations with their children), the majority of reactions on Twitter were in favor of the clever commercial promoting the Fiat 500X.
  • Im sure half of the people watching the Super Bowl had a small panic attack when Chevy punked everyone into thinking their cable had just gone out. After the screen went blank, the clever 30-second ad promoted the new Chevy Colorados 4G LTE built-in wi-fi by saying you could stream the game in it. Well played, Chevy.
  • Liam Neeson won the evening with his Clash of Clans commercial. The ad starts out as another regular gaming ad, but when Neeson starts to threaten his opponent, BigBuffetBoy85, it gets real. The Taken actor takes the gaming experience to a whole new level and its amazing. Oh, and all while ordering scones. And yes, Twitter was full of Taken 4 jokes.
The Worst

  • Nationwides Super Bowl commercial was also trending on Twitter Sunday evening, but not in a good way. The Internet reacted negatively to the insurance companys ad highlighting a boy who would never learn to ride a bike, fly or get married because he died from an accident. The sobering 45-second ad caused an uproar on Twitter, spurring dark jokes and even a spoof Nationwide Dead Kid account.
  • While the commercial was a public service announcement about preventable accidents being the leading cause of death among children, Super Bowl viewers unanimously felt it was in poor taste and too heavy.
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals did its first Super Bowl commercial this year and spent millions of dollars to promote Jublia toenail fungus treatment. The ad used football terminology, but still failed to impress the fans who were grossed out looking at brown toenails while eating their Super Bowl snacks.
  • Kim Kardashian West was the focus of a tongue-and-cheek T-Mobile commercial that encouraged users to take advantage of the companys data stash. Kardashian West poked fun at herself during the commercial, but many viewers did not find her vanity and endless selfies funny. Twitter was chuck full of people unimpressed by how the commercial became all about her. Better luck next time, T-Mobile.
  • Turbo Tax used a spoof of the Boston Tea Party and Revolutionary War to promote its free service, but many people were not laughing. Viewers took to Twitter to protest the anti-American, unpatriotic commercial.
Which commercial was your favorite? Which ones did you think were a flop? Tell us on the comment boards.
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