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Small business spotlight: Gunny’s Bait-n-Tackle
gunny and michelle albano
Owners Gunny and Michelle Albano outside their store, Gunny's Bait-n-Tackle.

For those looking for top fishing gear, a new store in north Bryan is sure to “reel” you in.

Gunny’s Bait-n-Tackle is a veteran-owned bait and tackle shop in downtown Pembroke. The store opened back in September 2023, after owners Michelle and Gunny Albano observed that the community needed its own spot for fishing essentials.

“I worked at EnMarket for a couple of years”, said Michelle. “And I was just listening to people saying what they wanted, what they needed or wished we had.”

“They talked a lot about a bait store.”

Gunny’s Bait-n-Tackle offers a wide variety of fishing supplies, including live baits such as worms, crickets, minnows, and shiners, as well as hunting gear for hunting season. The shop also features and sells items made by local vendors in the area, such as tumblers, candles, and jewelry in collaboration with other small businesses in Pembroke. 

“Meeting the people is fantastic,” said Gunny on meeting customers and other local Pembroke shop owners. 

“It’s great, it’s like a small family.”

To learn more about Gunny’s Bait-n-Tackle, visit their Facebook page or call the store at (912) 239-8255. 

gunny albano
Gunny Albano behind the counter at Gunny's Bait-n-Tackle. (Photos/Andrea Gutierrez).
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