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Shoplifting, cat shot with BB gun highlight RHPD reports
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Shoplifting: An officer was sent May 21 to a Parker’s convenience store where the complainant said a “white male in his late 20s with facial scrapes and small cuts attempted to use a counterfeit $100 bill,” the report said. “(Complainant) stated that he was acting strange, and that he grabbed and opened a pack of Rolaids mints, valued at $1.79 (left without paying for.)” The complainant said when the man tried to pay he “provided a $100 dollar bill with the sentence ‘For Motion Picture Only’ written on both sides of the bill. She stated that she noticed the bill was fake … and quickly told the suspect, this is when he stepped outside the gas station to call the person that gave him the bill but instead he got inside a white in color vehicle with Florida vehicle tag and left the premises.”

There’s video.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Red Oak Drive address around 8:40 p.m. because the complainant said “that the neighbor shot their cat with a BB gun.”

The complainant said that he was out in his backyard when “he saw his neighbor’s 8-year-old son come outside with a (BB gun). He stated that the juvenile shot his cat with it. The cat was in the neighbor’s backyard … at the time of the incident.”

The officer then went to talk to the neighbors, and met with the father and the kid, “who visually looked very upset.”

They knew why the officer was there and said the kid “was trying to scare the cat away with the BB-gun and accidentally shot the cat. His mom does not like cats and wanted to scare the cat away because of this.” The neighbor said when it happened, “he and his son attempted to speak with (the cat owners) about the incident and apologize. According to (the boy’s father) they were very argumentative and verbally hostile to his juvenile son. This is when they decided to go inside and wait for my arrival, due to (the cat owners) saying they were calling law enforcement.” The officer asked the man why the boy’s mother doesn’t like cats and “he stated that the neighbor’s cat comes into their yard all the time,” tearing up plants and using it as a bathroom. The officer told the man about a city ordinance that prohibits the discharge of weapons, including BB guns, and “explained some basic tenets of firearm safety” to the boy. The officer then went back to talk to the cat owners, who said the cat was in the neighbor’s backyard, and “out all the time,” and was “’probably over there (in the neighbor’s backyard) to take a crap.”

The officer told them about a city ordinance against loose pets. “At the time of the report (the cat owner) did not know if they wanted to recoup the cost of a vet bill for their cat.” Everyone got a case number.

Matter of record: Around 3 p.m. or so on June 8 the Richmond Hill Fire Department was dispatched to Piercefield subdivision “in reference to a recent fire that had been extinguished but wanted verification that it was put out fully,” and once RHFD got there,“they requested officers to respond for a matter of record report.”

Here’s the report: The complainant said he was upstairs asleep when his daughter woke him up to tell him “the fence was on fire” and his son “was outside trying to extinguish the fire.”

The complainant said when he got outside, “his son had used a water hose to put the fire out,” and he called RHFD “to make sure it was successfully extinguished.”

When asked how the fire could’ve started, the complainant said there “was a mention of a wire that may have started the fire,” and the office noted he spotted “an orange extension cord hanging on the fence. The orange extension cord ran to the neighboring residence.”

After talking to the daughter and son, the officer went next door. 

The woman who lived there said she was asleep when her neighbor came over to tell her about the fire and she could smell smoke, etc. The woman confirmed the extension cord was unplugged and hadn’t been used for a while. The woman also said she didn’t smoke. Someone did. The officer talked to a firefighter, who “observed an accumulation of trash near where the fence was burned. Next to the trash pile, he had observed several cigarette butts. The trash pile as well as the cigarette butts were on the complainant’s side of the fence. The officer gave them the case number.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Kroger Drive apartment on June 10 “in reference to a report of a suspected intrusion of a residence.”

There, the officer met a woman who “stated that she had returned to her apartment and her door was securembut she noticed foot prints on her carpet. (She) stated that … she vacuums her carpet every day, then sweeps it, and then puts powder on the floor to reveal foot prints of unknown individuals who enter her apartment when she is away.” The woman said she has a door alarm “but the intruders have a key and somehow bypass the door alarm.”

The office made sure no one was hiding inside, and while doing so “observed that all exterior doors were locked and a few closet doors were nailed shut.” The woman said nothing was missing “and that she has hidden security cameras throughout her house.”

Matter of record: Police were sent to a Plantations Apartment residence regarding a man in his 50s who is suffering from a painful medical condition and wanted to commit suicide “by car.” The man told officers he was prescribed opiates for his pain, but they no longer work. He also “stated he has been abusing alcohol to help with his pain, but has not been drinking today, and his last consumption of alcohol happened yesterday. (He) stated other medications (ibuprofen; naproxen) damaged his liver and he no longer takes these medications. (He) stated he wanted to be taken to St. Joseph’s to get a referral for St. Simon’s.”

An ambulance took him to St. Joseph’s.

Hit and run: A Hinesville man reported he was headed north on Highway 17 near the I-95 interchange around 9 a.m. when a blue car “drove in between lanes 1 and 2, struck his vehicle, entered the I-95 north onramp and continued north on I-95.”

The man said he stayed there for half an hour but the other driver never returned. He gave the officer a partial tag number and description of both the driver and car, and said “the offenders registration plate may have displayed a handicap logo as well.”

Marijuana possession, felony: An officer monitoring traffic on Highway 17 shortly before 1 a.m. June 16 saw a car with “an inoperable tag light.” As he pulled close to the car, he smelled pot “coming from within the vehicle,” and conducted a traffic stop. Eventually, the passenger was arrested for “a large bag of marijuana, concealed in his underwear at his waistline.” The driver was cited and let go.

Possession of marijuana, less than one ounce, headlight: An officer “observing traffic” going south on Highway 17 around 9:30 p.m. June 16 saw a car with “an inoperable right headlight” and caught up to it at the 17 and 144 light. “”I was positioned behind the vehicle, and I could smell the odor of marijuana coming from within ….” The officer reported. So he pulled it over.

Eventually, after a search of the vehicle came up empty, the officer found a small amount of pot in the driver’s sock’s “sock of his left food near the inside of his ankle.”

The man, from Hinesville, was arrested.

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