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Richmond Hill Police Department reports: Dog busted for harassing cat

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:


Matter of record: From an old May 28 report comes what may be the best RHPD narrative on record, courtesy officer Jonathan Zirpolo.

“On (May 28 around 12:15 a.m.), I responded to the area of Smoke Rise Road regarding a barking dog. While checking the area I observed a small brown dog (Dachsund) running through several front yards while continually barking The dog was chasing a cat who appeared to be highly agitated by the do chasing it. Once the cat would stop, the dog would make several advances towards the cat. The cat, clearly not wanting to be shown any attention by the dog, went on the offensive and attempted to scare off the dog. The dog retreated and the cat ran away. However, once the dog saw the cat running away, the dog gave chase again. The amount of noise being made by the quarreling couple equated to a nuisance and I felt the dog needed to be apprehended due to the obnoxious behavior shown towards the cat. After a brief foot pursuit, the dog laid on its back and surrendered to law enforcement. It was taken into custody without incident. No identification for the dog or its owner was found on the dog. Animal Control was requested to come retrieve the dog. They arrived a short time later and took the dog.”

That’s verbatim.  


Matter of record: A woman stopped by RHPD on Sunday to drop off “a plastic bag that contained what she believed to be marijuana.” The woman told an officer she found it at a department store in Pooler, but couldn’t find the police department there “so she brought the marijuana here,” the report said.
The pot was put into evidence to be destroyed.


Found money: An RHPD officer was sent to Publix on June 22 “in reference to found money.” There, he spoke to a manager who said on June 14 a woman brought a $100 bill to the service desk and told them she’d found it in the ATM outside. A look at security video showed the woman using the ATM, take the receipt and leave the money. “A few minutes after she leaves the ATM another female walks by and sees the bill sticking out of the ATM. She takes the money inside and hands it to an employee.”

The woman who left the money in the ATM remained unidentified at the time of the report on June 22. Tthe manager was told to tell the woman if she comes looking for the money to come to RHPD.


Warrant: Around 11:05 p.m. June 10 an officer spotted a couple of men riding bikes south on Highway 17 near Plantation Apartments, and “neither of the bicycles had lights and one was missing the rear red reflector making them difficult to see as they rode on the highway.”
So, the deputy stopped the two men. Neither had an ID on them, and one said he lived in Savannah but was visiting his father who lived on Red Oak Drive. The other man said he also lived in Savannah but was spending the night with the first man.

The officer then “ran” both men through dispatch, and learned that the second man was wanted in Liberty County on theft by receiving charges and in Pooler for theft by decision.
He was arrested and taken to the Fleming Short cut to be picked up by a deputy from Liberty County. The other man was given a verbal warning.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Pelican Court address June 9 because the homeowner’s dog bit the plumber. Both the homeowner and plumber where there, and both said the dog bit the plumber. “(The plumber) came up to the door and spoke to (homeowner) through the door. (Plumber) asked if the dog bites. (Homeowner) said no it does not. When (homeowner) opened the door futher, the dog ran past (homeowner) and bit (plumber) on the left side of the stomach.”

The officer saw where the dog bit the man, so animal control was called and decided the dog would be quarantined at home, though the owner said the dog’s shots were up to date, just didn’t have the records on hand to prove it. The plumber went to get treatment for the bite at a “local urgent care per his employer, Rooter Man,” the report noted.


 compiled by Jeff Whitten

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