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Richmond Hill imposing stricter social distancing penalties
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Effective midnight April 1, those within Richmond Hill city limits will face fines up to $500 per incident if they violate the city's Social Distancing Order.

As part of the order, "Non-essential businesses and services that cannot allow for a minimum of six feet of social distancing as recommended by the CDC shall close."

Social distancing, the city says, is the most effective manner of stopping the spread of the COVID-19 emergency. "To the extent feasible, it is in the best interest of City of Richmond Hill citizens to not gather in crowds of 5 or more in any location except in an authorized, official government capacity or in places providing essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations with or without convenience stores, pharmacies and medical facilities."

The order continues, "For non-essential businesses/services, they shall ensure the occupancy load, at any given time, allows for a minimum of six feet of social distancing as recommended by the CDC. It is strongly recommended that businesses offer curbside or delivery service if the capability exists. It is further highly encouraged that all citizens of the City of Richmond Hill limit travel outside of the County as much as possible."

After April 1, all "open air city parks shall remain open; however, social distancing requirements must be followed to the greatest extent possible,"

The order, signed by Mayor Russ Carpenter, "shall be effective until midnight on May 1, 2020, when it shall terminate unless extended, altered, or amended by further declaration."

Read the full order here (PDF format).

Richmond Hill revised Social Distancing Order

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