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Richmond Hill American Legion post installs officers
RH American Legion post
Department of Ga Jr Vice Commander Dennis Fitzgerald administers the Legion Oath of Office to Commander John H Ellis Sr (USA,et), Finance Officer Terry Herzog, Chaplain Mike Matuzsan, Sgt At Arms Tom Johnson, and Adjutant David James (USA, ret). Photo by Casey Nash

By H. Jamar, special to the News.

Last Sunday, 18 July, The American legion JE Lanier Post 27 met at the Senior Citizens Center to install the Post Officers for 2022.

Department of Georgia Jr Vice Commander Dennis Fitzgerald prior to administering the oath of office to Commander John H Ellis Sr (USA,ret), Finance Officer Terry Herzog, Chaplin Mike Matuzsan, Sergeant at Arms Tom Johnson, and Adjutant David James (USA, ret) he reminded the veterans of their charge of duty.

“My fellow Legionnaires, you have been chosen to fill the various offices of JE Lanier Post 27. I know you will vindicate the trust that has been placed in you. I know you will fulfill every obligation required of you. Familiarize yourselves with the duties of your offices and carry out those duties with the same spirit from which arose The American Legion. The welfare and success of this post depend on you, as does the preservation of the integrity of The American Legion. Protect the good name of The American Legion with the people of our great nation; help them to know the Legion’s purposes and policies. Remember the tolerance that animates us as members; remember there is no rank among us for we all serve as equals. We all are aiming for the same goals – the ideals of justice, freedom, democracy and loyalty” Jr Vice Commander Fitzgerald then administered the oath of office ‘I, do solemnly pledge myself to perform faithfully and impartially the duties of the office of The American Legion I am about to assume, and I further pledge I am not a member of and do not subscribe to the principles of any group opposed to our form of government.”

In remarks to the Post 27 members, Post Commander Ellis outlined several projects for the coming year that included the award of the Veterans Children Scholarship to a graduating Senior in the Class of ‘22. Establishing community service recognition awards for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians, and a JROTC Award for Excellence and Veterans Outreach to our younger veterans from the Global War on Terror with mentoring and advice and to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness He later explained “This is the most important ideal expressed in the preamble to our Constitution. We can hail The American Legion today as a force in these United States for social betterment. American Legion concepts and its ideal of devotion to mutual helpfulness warms the social climate of America. Today America extends its helpful hands all over the world through our assistance programs of foreign aid. This all came about because the veterans of World War I came home enriched, wonderful ties of friendship and camaraderie and gave those ties meaning by consecrating them to the ideal of mutual helpfulness. This ideal later gave birth to the Veterans Administration for the health care of wounded warriors, and to the GI Bill, and many of the Veterans benefits today. It’s our duty to continue this legacy here and now in Richmond Hill.”

Following the Ceremony the Members and Guests enjoyed a meal together at the Senior Citizens Center.

If you are interested in joining The American Legion you can contact Commander Ellis at JHEllissr27@

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