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RHPD reports: Stay in Richmond Hill motel turns weird
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Theft: Police were sent to a Highway 17 motel around 8:40 p.m. July 26 regarding a man calling the front desk and asking for help. The reporting officer found the man “near the fenced area that borders (a nearby gas station). The subject was only wearing a hat and shoes, and had a sheet wrapped around his waist.”

The man, who has a Townsend, Ga., address, “stated that a female subject had stolen all of his clothes along with his phone and wallet.

(He) stated that he and the girl were in the room ‘just to chill’ when the girl grabbed his stuff and ran out the door.”

He gave police her name and said she was driving a black car.

The officer got the woman’s license information from the front desk and checked both her and the man for criminal history, a check which “revealed multiple warrants for each subject.”

So, the man was arrested and taken to McIntosh County by another officer, though he was also told how to take out warrants again the woman, who also had a Townsend address.

The officer wasn’t able to find the woman, who later called 911 and was transferred to the officer.

She had a slightly different story, saying that she picked the man up and “came to Richmond Hill to ‘chill.’” They even went to Walmart together, but “she continued by saying that (the man) wanted to be more than friends with her,” and when he took a shower “she grabbed up her puppy and all the stuff she could rand ran out the door to her car. She said she took the trash can that belonged to the hotel to hold her stuff. She further stated that the only property she had that belonged to (the man) was his shorts.’ The officer convinced the woman to come back to Richmond Hill, “where she gave me the camouflage shorts and belt belonging to (the man).” The officer called McIntosh County Jail and asked them to inform (the man) of the property I was able to retrieve.”

The woman was then arrested for outstanding warrants from Emmanuel County, the report said. Animal Control took the puppy, and the woman’s significant other, who she said “was law enforcement” came to get her car.

Note: In a separate report, the woman allegedly told the officer “she was ‘coming down off oxycodone.’” 

DUI, etc: Officers were sent to a Highway 17 convenience store around 5:30 a.m. July 22 regarding “a possible intoxicated driver,” who’d pulled into the parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later, officers were dispatched to the store again “after the clerk called in stating that the same intoxicated driver/ person was refusing to leave the premises.”

There were three people in the car, including one juvenile who was later released to his father and a 17-year-old with a learner’s permit, the report said.

“(He) had to provide his name multiple times as it was hard to understand him at times due to his slurred speech,” an officer noted.

“When asked how much he’d had to drink he could not give a clear answer. When asked what he was drinking, he stated that he was he was with his mother and they were drinking vodka mixed with some other drink.”

The teen reportedly refused to take a breath test “according to (him) he knew he was drunk.”

The driver “also had slurred speech,” was “unsteady on his feet, swaying side to side,” and had “injuries on him consisting of redness to the forehead and nose and a bloodied left toe.”

The man said at one point he stubbed it, but told another cop he hurt it with a chainsaw.

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