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RHPD reports: Police respond to man hallucinating
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: Police were sent to a Belle Grove Circle address around 9:20 a.m. Nov. 3 because a man was “hallucinating after taking his usual medicines.”

There, an officer met with the man’s wife. She told him she needed an ambulance for her husband, who couldn’t get out of bed but “may become more agitated if he sees a police officer.”

The report continued: “It was then that Richmond Hill Fire Department/ Rescue arrived on scene. She asked them if they could take his vitals and they entered the residence while I stood by on the porch. After about a minute, the firefighters came out and stated I was going to need some backup. It was then that (the man) started screaming and I called for backup.”

It arrived. “It was then discovered there were weapons in (the man’s) room.”

After some negotiations, the man agreed to go to the hospital and was taken to Memorial in Savannah. The man’s wife said she’d have the weapons stored at a family member’s house.

DUI, etc: An officer pulling out of Sterling Creek subdivision around 2 a.m. Nov. 4 saw a white vehicle go by on Harris Trail.

Then, the vehicle “suddenly and without warning accelerated at a high rate of speed in speeds excess of 80 mph,” the report said, noting the vehicle wasn’t staying in its lane.

The vehicle was pulled over, and as the driver got out “the vehicle began to move backwards as he had not put the vehicle into park,” the report said. “(The driver) advised that he just wanted to go home.”

The driver failed his field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI, and his car was towed.

Theft: An officer met with a Richmond Hill Fire Department captain on Nov. 5 regarding stolen property. The captain said “one of their department radios had been stolen and the offender was located in J.F. Gregory Park.”

The “offender” was a man who’d gone to RHFD the day before to ask about a job. A pair of Park and Tree Department employees said the man “came up to them this morning stating he had taken a radio from the fire department so that he could listen to what was going on. They stated he told them he got it from a table at the back of the station,” the report said.

When one of the employees told the man he’d get in trouble, “(he) told him that he would get rid of it by throwing it in the pond or woods.”

It appears the man, who was there at the time of the report, is known to park employees, and the officer watched “as he walked across the bridge over to the pond to speak with other RHPD officers who were currently in the process of taking a PT test. After speaking with them briefly he crossed back over the pavilion area,” the report continued.

Police and a firefighter talked to the man, who at first denied taking the radio, but then“admitted to taking the radio without being asked,” and said he was “keeping it safe,” and after “(an officer asked) if the fire department could get their radio back … he agreed. He went to his backpack, opened it up and retrieved the radio from inside.” The man wasn’t prosecuted.

Matter of record: Police were called Nov. 8 around 7 a.m. “in reference to threats made to a school.” Officers responded, but after some investigation discovered “the threat was made to a school in Pembroke.” Further investigation noted a county employee saw a “group chat talking about a school shooting threat and decided to call dispatch.” RHPD contacted the school resource officer in Pembroke and learned “they were aware and have extra patrol at the schools.”

Matter of record: An officer was sent to Highway 17 near Piercefield Drive around 6:45 a.m. Oct. 27 after a report of someone “spotting a couple of juveniles riding their bikes early in the morning near Highway 17.”

The officer found the first kid, who said he was running an errand for his mother. After escorting the kid home, he learned the mother wasn’t there, and that the first kid and three others were all at the home with no adult or babysitter to be found. The kids said their mother worked two jobs, and gave the officer her cell phone, but he was unable to contact her. The oldest of the kids “stated she was babysitting “but didn’t know Juvenile #1 left the house.” A sergeant showed up and asked the kid on the bike why he was out so early. “Juvenile #1 told (the sergeant) he was just trying to get some exercise.” Police checked around Richmond Hill for the mother’s car, but didn’t find it. The Department of Family and Children’s Services was called in, and was able to get in contact with the girls’ mother, who was working in Savannah and came home around 1030 a.m. She told the officer she wasn’t allowed to have her phone at work. Police learned the woman had a warrant on her in Virginia, but they didn’t want to extradite her from Georgia. An officer told the woman she should take care of that problem and “also advised (her) that she needs to get a babysitter that is actually going to watch her children.”

DUI: A minor two-vehicle wreck around 7 a.m. Oct. 28 occurred in a fast food restaurant parking lot after a woman pulled her car out of the drive through lane, parked, then backed into the vehicle that had been behind her. The driver whose car was hit said the woman “acted as if she was drunk.” When public safety personnel talked to the woman, she refused medical attention and apparently didn’t even know she’d been in a wreck, and when asked where she was said, “’Perry, Florida!’” She smelled of booze, etc., and was arrested for DUI after admitting to drinking and not knowing where she was.

Reckless driving: An officer was called to a Palmer Place address around 7 p.m. Oct. 28 to take an accident report. It turned out a man was running a service call on a vehicle at the address and “in his hurry to get the job completed, he neglected to put (his) vehicle in park … Once he exited the vehicle, it rolled forward and struck the rear of (the complainant’s) vehicle.” A check of the man’s license showed he was wanted and smelled of alcohol. The man said he hadn’t had any alcohol but had taken a daytime cold medicine, and a beer.

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