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RHPD reports: Driver with young child in car arrested for going 110 mph
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Reckless driving: An officer on I-95 around 8:30 a.m. Aug. 19 spotted a black VW “traveling north in the left lane at a speed that appeared to be much higher than the posted speed limit,” so he checked and clocked the car doing 110 mph, a report said. The officer pulled the car over, met the driver and, “while speaking with him, I noticed a young child in the back seat that was not properly restrained in a safety restraint.” The driver, who had a Hinesville address, said “he was traveling at a high speed because he needed to get the juvenile to school in Savannah.”

The man was arrested. The kid and the car were turned over to a woman at the request of the driver.

Public drunk: An officer was sent to a Waffle House on Highway 17 shortly after midnight Aug. 12 due to an “intoxicated person who was observed, by staff, passing out in his food.” Then, it was reported the man “walked out of the restaurant without paying for his meal and was unresponsive to employee’s attempts to make contact with him.”

The officer found the man leaning up against a pickup in the parking lot, and from the report it was clear the man was pretty well lubed up. After trying unsuccessfully three times to get the man to hand over his ID - he apparently kept reaching into his pocket “and then removed his hand and began playing with his sunglasses,” the report said - the officer arrested the man.

Then the owner of the truck came out and told the officer “he had paid for the (drunk man’s) meal but did not know him and did not know why (the man) was leaning against his truck.” The man was taken to jail. 

Property damage: On Aug. 19, an employee at a convenience store near the I-95 interchange at Highway 17 reported a man “entered the service station with the nozzle to pump No. 3 and informed her that he damaged the pump (drove off with the nozzle in the vehicle).”

That happened around 10 a.m.

Around 2 p.m. on Aug. 19 a woman at the same station reported she was “pumping gas into her vehicle at pump 6,” a separate report said.

“When the pump shut off, she forgot to put it back into the pump holster and began to drive forward.”

It damaged the pump, too, but her vehicle was OK, the report said.

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