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RHPD reports: Driver on I-95 points gun at former co-worker
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Pointing gun at another: A man reported July 11 he was driving north with co-workers on I-95 and had gotten about three miles from Exit 87 when they told him about “a subject in the vehicle next to them who had a gun.”

The driver said when he looked over, “he noticed a male with an overgrown beard pointing a semi-automatic pistol at him. He immediately let off the gas to slow down and the subject sped off.”

That’s when the driver realized the driver with the gun was a former co-worker. “The two have a bad history as they used to work for the same company and got into a physical altercation roughly a year prior to this incident.”

Both the coworkers riding with the man had gone by then, and he said he wanted the incident documented “should any other incidents take place. The officer told the man to contact his boss and have him provide more information.”

Matter of record: Officers were sent to J.F. Gregory Park around 8:45 a.m. July 10 because a man was being “disruptive.”

The officers found the man and “spoke with him about his loudness in public,” the report said. “He advised that he was upset because a worker on the prison detail asked him for a cigarette. (He) stated that he then went to talk to the Correction Officer about the incident.”

A city park and tree employee told police he saw the man being loud and bothering the correction officer. He also said the man “is always in the park area being a disturbance.” Officers asked the man “if there was somewhere he could go while the prison workers were in the area to avoid any further conflict. (He) agreed and left.”

Lost property: A Fort Stewart woman reported July 10 she left Kroger shortly before 10 a.m. after shopping, and as she left she took her bags from the shopping cart. She stated a man asked her if she was done, and she was and let the man have the cart.

Then she realized she didn’t have her keys. The woman said she went back into to the store but couldn’t find the man, and looked for her keys near the checkout and couldn’t find them. She then talked to a manager, and they and police watched video of the man pushing a cart that appeared to have keys in it. He shopped, then went out of the camera frame, and then checked out around 10 a.m., but there were no keys in the cart, the video camera showed. The officer and the manager searched for the keys “with negative results.” 

Speeding, reckless driving: An officer monitoring I-95 traffic around 9:30 p.,m. July 8 saw “two vehicles traveling south, one behind the other in the middle lane that appeared to be in a contest of speed,” a report said.

The officer clocked the first one, a black Dodge Challenger, at 118 mph.

“There were several vehicles in both the right and left lanes of travel that the two vehicles passed by without showing any caution,” the report said. The officer pulled out to pull the cars over and the driver of the car behind the black Dodge, a newer model Mustang, “noticed me and immediately pulled over near mile marker 89 prior to me activating my emergency equipment.”

The Dodge kept trucking, however, until the officer was able to pull its driver over a mile down the road “near mile marker 88.”

The driver first said he was “trying to get to his wife who had run out of gas between Richmond Hill and Hinesville,” the report said, but later “indicated that the two were in fact racing.” He was arrested and his car was towed. A handgun found in the car was taken to RHPD for safe keeping, the report said.

Speeding, etc: An officer monitoring traffic on I-95 around midnight July 9 clocked a driver going north at 114 mph, and making “unsignaled” lane changes at high speeds. The officer pulled the car over near mile marker 88. The driver “explained she was unaware that she was traveling at such a high speed and that she was tired,” the report said. She was arrested and charged with reckless driving and speeding and taking to jail. Her car was towed.

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