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RHPD reports: Bartender jailed for ‘saluting’ law enforcement on Hwy. 17
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Drugs, public intoxication, traffic violations: A Riceboro man was arrested around 2:40 a.m. Sept. 20 after he was spotted on Highway 17 near Piercefield, “in the middle of the roadway expressing his gratitude towards law enforcement by raising his middle finger failing to utilize a crosswalk or the shoulder of the roadway.”

The officer went to talk to the man, “who asked if it was illegal to flip off the police to which I answered not at all, but you can’t do it from the middle of the roadway.”

The report said the man, who apparently tends bar locally, smelled of alcohol and allegedly had pot on him, the report said.

He was cited for pedestrian in the road, public drunk and possession of pot and taken to jail.

Reckless driving, speeding: A Delaware man was pulled over on I-95 shortly after midnight Sept. 20 after he was clocked going 100 mph near mile marker 90. The man, who was ticketed for speeding and reckless driving and released to appear in court due to COVID-19, told the officer “he was speeding because he needed to go to use the bathroom.”

Speeding: A Snellville, Ga., man was stopped around 11:20 p.m. Sept. 20 after he was clocked going 104 mph on I-95 near mile marker 90. He told the officer was “needed to get to his residence because his dogs escaped from his backyard.”

The man was driving south on 95. Snellville is in Gwinnett County up by Atlanta. He was ticketed too.

Found property: Police were sent to Kroger around 8:15 pm. Sept. 21 regarding a purse someone found. While they looked for ID, they came across “a clear bag of green leafy substance” along with some other stuff. While cops were there, a woman called and asked the customer service desk if anyone had turned in a purse. “The caller described the look of the purse and stated there was marijuana in it,” the report said. “The customer service representative told her they had it and she advised she would be there in two minutes.”

About 10 minutes later, “she called back and advised that her boyfriend would be the one picking it up.” Then, a man tried, but was told the owner would have to be there to pick it up. “We waited on scene for a few additional minutes but no one else showed up looking for the purse.”

The purse was logged into the property room.

The 7.9 grams of “suspected marijuana” was logged in as well and marked to be destroyed.

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