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RHPD blotter: Kid gets video of his shoes on fire

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Matter of record: Police were sent to a Casey Drive address around noon May 20 regarding “a report of an individual’s shoes being burned on video.”

The complainant, apparently a recent Richmond Hill High School graduate, told police on May 11 his “gray and orange Jordan 6s, valued at $250, went missing from the (RHHS gym) locker room.”

The complainant said he left the shoes “unattended and not secured in a locker while he put on Vans sneakers to play basketball. When he returned, his shoes were no longer there.”

The complainant said he didn’t make a report at the time with the school resource officer, but “did ask his teachers daily if his shoes had been turned in,” and was told the shoes hadn’t yet been returned.

The kid decided to move on. “(HE) counted his losses and graduated high school,” but “then received a video on Instagram from an account (with a profanity in its name and the area code), which was a short video of shoes matching the description of his shoes being burned,” the report said.

That video was uploaded into evidence. The complainant told the officer his girlfriend’s brother overheard a conversation by two male students “talking about burning someone’s shoes.”

He told police he didn’t know anyone who was mad at him or would want revenge.

Hit and run: A Florida man cycling his way from Savannah down Highway 17 at some point after 1 a.m. May 22 was hit from behind by a vehicle that kept on going. The man was conscious but had suffered injuries and was taken to Memorial by Bryan County EMS. His bike was not hurt. Police took it and his personal property to RHPD for safekeeping.

Matter of record: A couple living in a Dogwood Avenue apartment on May 12 “advised that they were having problems with the upstairs neighbors, causing loud banging noises in the early hours of the morning,” and that on May 10 they were awakened by a “very loud thud.”

The husband said he went upstairs and spoke with a woman in the apartment to try to avoid getting police involved, but she “cursed at him and slammed the door on him.” The couple said they contacted their landlord, who wanted a police report made. They got a case number.

Fraud: A man reported May 16 he tried to buy a puppy online and by the time he figured it out he’d already sent the company $1,650 in Vanilla gift cards and another $850 by Zelle. He told the bank of the pending withdrawals and gave the officer “a packet of the text messages, emails, and receipts related to this incident.”

He got a case number, etc. Editor’s note: We don’t know what Vanilla gift cards or Zelle are, thankfully.

Found weapon: A man told police May 21 he was going to go fishing in J.F. Gregory Park when “he observed a black semi-automatic pistol laying on the ground next to a blue pickup truck. He collected the firearm and all of its accessories he found on the ground and came to the PD to turn it in as found property.”

The report notes the handgun was a Glock .45 and was loaded with 14 rounds of hollow point ammunition in the magazine.

A check of the pistol through dispatch showed the weapon wasn’t stolen, but there was no registered owner’s name on file.

A short time later, the officer heard the potential owner was at RHPD “attempting to retrieve his firearm.”

The man told police “he had the pistol in his fishing pack and had taken it out and set it on the tire of the truck. He then became distracted by his child and forget he had laid the firearm down. After he had left the park he realized he did not have the firearm in his possession and returned.”

The officer noted the man came back to the park in a blue pickup, etc. The man got a case card and was told how he could pick up his .45.

Reckless driving: A 61-year-old Richmond Hill man was arrested on the morning of May 18 after an officer spotted him go around someone making a left off Harris Trail by driving off the road “over the shoulder, kicking up grass on the passenger side,” and then taking off and leaving the officer behind. The officer radioed to let others know the man was “driving recklessly and speeding,” but was ultimately able to catch a break with traffic and caught up to the man’s pickup heading south on the Great Ogeechee Parkway.

After a traffic stop, the officer explained why he’d pulled the man over. “(He) denied passing on the shoulder and did not believe (the officer) seeing him do it.”

He was arrested, cited and released.

Matter of record: Around 4:30 a.m. May 14 a Richmond Place man reported “two large white husky dogs,” killed his cat.

The man told police “he heard a loud thump at his front door and saw two large huskies running down the street carrying his cat,” and then his wife found the cat laying on the sidewalk. They gave police an address the dogs headed to, and the report said the officer was going to check it out. He gave the man a case number.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported May 17 she was looking online at a place to rent in Pooler and advised “that she communicated with a Smith Paul Wilson who advised her sThe woman said she was given a pin code and was able to get in and look at the property, and told the man she liked it and “he sent her an application via email.”

The woman said it was not a “normal application however it was a list of questions sent to her email and she would input her answers,” so “she filled out the application and paid the application fee of $50.”

Then, “later that night she received a phone call from the individual telling her she needed to pay her deposit and first month’s rent,” and got “a funny feeling about the whole situation and decided not to send any money.”

Instead she contacted the rental management agency, “who advised that they did not know who Smith Paul Wilson was and that she should report it to police.”

The woman told RHPD she didn’t want to prosecute but wanted the incident documented. It was.

Matter of record: An officer was sent May 14 to a Main Street address where the complainant said she had been staying on and off with the child’s father, but had left about a month ago. The woman wanted to get some of her property from the garage but said the mother of her child’s father wouldn’t let her in.

The officer then tried to talk to the mother, he reported, but “she explained that the issue is civil and she wasn’t going to let (the complainant) in the residence. While speaking to (the mother) her adult son was standing behind her where he began to speak over me and (his mother) making comments regarding (the officer and the complainant). I told him to please be quiet and let me speak to (his mother). (She) stated to her son that the police do not respect black males.”

At that, the officer reported he “stepped away from the conversation” and asked that a first sergeant respond to the location “due to the comment by (the mother).”

The first sergeant got there, but at that point the complainant “decided that she didn’t want to deal with the situation any more due to (the mother) yelling and making a loud verbal scene in the front yard.”

The complainant was given a case number.

Damage to property: A man reported May 12 he had been at the ball park off Timber Trail and when he got to his pickup around 10 p.m. he saw someone had damaged his vehicle with rocks and “there were multiple large rocks that had been thrown at the vehicle still laying on the ground around the vehicle.”

About an hour earlier, the officer noted he’d sent to a home “approximately two blocks from the ball park in references to juveniles throwing rocks at houses from the railroad tracks. When asked, the resident said the juveniles were possibly females.”

The complainant got a case number, etc.

Hit and run: A woman reported around 3 p.m. May 11 she was turning left onto Highway 144 from Highway 17 north bound and an older model white Jeep Cherokee also making the turn crossed into her lane, hit her vehicle and kept on going towards Kroger.

Police checked but could find no sign of the Cherokee.

The complainant got a case card.

Hit and run: Different day, similar incident. A Hinesville woman reported May 9 she was headed west on Highway 144 near Frances Meeks Avenue around 9 a.m. when she was had to stop because a car in front of her was blocking the road. While stopped her Jeep was hit in the back by a car, which “then tried to go around her and sideswiped her driver side rear fender,” and then left. The reported noted the damage to the woman’s vehicle. She got a case number, etc.

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