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RHMS students design logos based on company's community theme
Game changers logo winners 1
From left to right. Game Changers owner Ron Elliott, with winners Madison Morrison, and Carol Lee Blaschke. Photo provided.
Game changers logo winners 2
Game changers owner Ron Elliott and winner Griffin Beauregard. Photo provided.

Richmond Hill Middle School art students recently participated in Game Changers Running Company Logo & Motto competition. The winners were announced this past week.

Students of Tammy Luke, long-time art teacher, in Bryan County, helped to coordinate the effort, encouraging students to take the vision of store owners, Ron and Sandra Elliott to a new level.

“The submissions by the students were amazing,” said Sandra Elliott. The students took our vision of creating a new logo for the store, based on the phrase “Anchored in Community,” to the next level—so much so that the store team members, ended up selecting two logos as the winners, instead of one, according to Elliott.

The winners, Madison Morrison and Carol Lee Blaschke, who created the circular design that contains the Ford Mansion and the Savannah Bridge, and Griffin Beauregard, who created the Anchor morphing into runners, were each awarded a pair of running shoes by the store.

Elliott added: “What started out, back in February, as a vision for describing how we as a local business feel about being small business owners in Richmond Hill, and Savannah—"Anchored”—turned out to be a true “Community” effort. We even found out late in the game, that one of the logos was the design inspiration of collaboration by two students working together.”

Beauregard took the challenge as a “good chance to see what I could do with graphic design.” He added, “I am proud knowing that my design will be seen in both Richmond Hill and Savannah.”

When asked what “Anchored in Community” meant to him, Beauregard answered: “You help your community and that no one is excluded.”

Madison and Blaschke expressed similar feelings about their participation in the contest, and the chance to expand their graphic arts skills. As far as the motto “Anchored in Community” both said that they feel that the Game Changers is a company that “considers the preferences of the residents and that the store plays an active role in the community.”

Tammy Luke could not be prouder of the artistic creations that her students designed, saying: “I am so happy that Georgia Game Changers values the ideas of the young and sees the importance of encouraging others in a variety of ways. They have offered several opportunities for artists in the past.”

She continued: “I love that the students’ designs will become a part of the community--that is powerful for the students and this community. I am excited that the student’s work will be seen around the country at various running events and races.”

Luke concluded, “In my 19 years as a teacher, I have seen so many fabulous ideas expressed and created by young artists. Give a student a task and you’ll often be impressed and amazed with their level of creativity and artistic skill.”

Elliott added, “In these challenging and uncertain times, Georgia Game Changers Running Company wants the local residents to know that we, as a small business, have made it our foundational mission from the start to be a community-based business, and we appreciate more than anyone can know, the support of our community members. We will continue to find ways to serve our residents with the “Anchored in Community” mindset.”

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