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Releasing Krakatoa
Krakatoa sea turtle

As a birthday surprise in January, Alex, Kristen, Ellis and Bob Floyd of Pembroke adopted an injured sea turtle named Krakatoa for Debbie Floyd from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island.

On Mother’s Day, Krakatoa was released back into the ocean.

Debbie, who is Bob’s wife, Alex’s mother, Kristen’s mother-in-law and Ellis’ grandmother, loves sea turtles, her son said.

“She’d get an email every week about the turtle and how he was healing up, and we all wanted to be there when he went back into the ocean.”

Krakatoa was found on Cumberland Island in May 2017 with a wound to a flipper and other health issues.

He weighed about 5.5 pounds when found. Krakatoa now weighs about 15 pounds and was ready to resume life in the briny deep.

Up top is Krakatoa. On the bottom are Kristen, Alex and Ellis Floyd on hand to give Krakatoa the proper send off.

Krakatoa sea turtle
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