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World Cup fan gets irate at clerk
Richmond Hill Police blotter
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Matter of record June 24 – Officers responded around midnight to the Motel 6 parking lot, where a man had been run over by a car after getting into an altercation with the driver. The man, from Kentucky, told officers he was traveling with friends and a fight broke out between himself and one of the other travelers. The man said he didn’t know what the altercation was about, but a witness told police that as he pulled into the parking lot, he saw the victim trying to crawl out of the driver’s side back window of the car. Shortly after, the witness said he came out of his room and saw a man punching the victim in the face. After calling 911, the witness went over to the victim at which point the offender drove off in the car and ran over the man’s leg. The man was transported Memorial University Medical Center, His car was found without the offender, and the car was impounded.

Possession of marijuana
June 25 –
Two Richmond Hill men were arrested on several charges after police attempted to stop the men while driving down Timber Trail Road. Officers watched the vehicle swerve in and out of the grass along the road, but when officers stopped the vehicle after it turned into Richmond Hill Plantation the driver and passenger fled on foot. After loosing the suspects, officers returned to the vehicle and found a plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance. Meanwhile, another officer had located the driver, who said he had run away because he was drunk and had a suspended license. While that was happening, another officer had found the passenger in the woods nearby. The driver was arrested for marijuana possession, driving with a suspended license, operating a vehicle with an open container and failure to maintain lane. The passenger was arrested for possession of marijuana and public drunkenness. Both were taken to the county jail.

Simple assault
June 26 –
Officers responded to the Hampton Inn, where the front desk clerk was dealing with an irate customer. The clerk told police that a man entered the lobby and asked to change the TV to the World Cup soccer game. When the clerk asked the manager on duty to make sure the man was a hotel guest, the man first claimed he was a guest and then stated he was not. The clerk told the man he would not change the channel, and the situation escalated. The man wanted to speak to a supervisor but refused to take a business card bearing the hotel owner’s contact information. The clerk told police he tried to leave the lobby but that the man kept standing in his way, so he had the manager call 911. The man, who was from North Carolina, told police he was a regular customer of the Hampton Inn chain and saw nothing wrong with stopping in to the nearest branch to watch the World Cup.
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