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Woman attacked by woman in Blazer
Law Reports Bryan County Sheriff
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Drug possession 

July 22 – Several subjects were allegedly smoking marijuana out by a subdivision pool in Buckhead. Upon arrival, the deputy noted four males, one who immediately attempted to leave the scene. When asked what they were up to, the boys said "just chilling." The deputy noted the smell of marijuana, which all boys denied doing. The boys were asked to empty their pockets, and less than one ounce of the drug was found in a Newport cigarette pack belonging to one boy. Another boy was found to have more of the drug in his Ford Ranger. The other two boys were released. The youngest boy was brought to the sheriff’s office for a juvenile complaint to be filled out; the older boy was taken to the BC Jail.


Theft by taking

July 22 – A man went on vacation for 10 days, only to return to his Ellabell home to find several items missing from his property. A friend of the man was called, and informed him that "a subject that used to be a friend of the complainant’s was the person who stole the items," including a shipping container. While the offender agreed to return the stolen property, the man said he still planned to pursue charges.


Dog bite

July 22 – An Ellabell man claimed his next door neighbor’s pitbull went into his yard and attacked his dog. While trying to get the neighbor’s dog off of his own, the man was bitten on the right forearm by the pitbull, according to the report. The man said after that, the dog ran across the street and tried to attack another neighbor’s dog. EMS checked the man’s arm on the scene; Animal Control took the pitbull along with another dog from the neighborhood for observation, since neither animal had its shots.


Simply battery

July 15 – A woman’s car was damaged, and she was allegedly attacked, outside her boyfriend’s home on Seascape Drive. The boyfriend told her someone was in front of the home, hitting her Ford Mustang with their Chevy Blazer. She walked out and the driver got out of the Blazer and began hitting the woman in the face, the report said. The boyfriend came out and pulled the woman off of his girlfriend, who got back into the Blazer (with two other unknown occupants) and left. The victim’s face was "swollen under her left eye, she had some scratches on the back of her neck, and stated her head was hurting." The suspect allegedly ripped the woman’s pearl necklace off her neck during the attack, which was now broken, and the Mustang had damages to the front end. The victim was told how to get a copy of the report and obtain a warrant.


Property damage

July 23 – Called out for a domestic disturbance, the deputy found a woman and her son complaining of the woman’s daughter damaging several items. Supposedly, the suspect threw and broke a cookie jar during an argument with her mother, keyed her brother’s vehicle, and went into her trailer (located on the property) to get her shotgun, which she pointed at them. The suspect said her mother and brother were making the whole thing up, "she did not do anything." While she admitted to having "an old shotgun in the back bedroom," the report noted it was "old and rusty" and would most likely not shoot. The three were advised on how to obtain warrants.


Computer identity theft

July 23 – A woman claimed identity theft, starting back on July 16. She told the deputy that several hundred dollars had been charged to her bank account by debt charge through the computer. At the time of the report, Suntrust Bank in Pooler refunded the woman over $800, with more refunds pending. Most of the charging was done through an email address, using a Suntrust Visa debit card account number. A copy of the report and bank statement copies were turned over for further investigation.



July 24 – A man made a report of a break-in to his mobile home that had been moved onto a piece of his property about two months ago. He and his wife do not inhabit the home, but work on it about three days a week. Upon returning to it, they found the front door kicked in. While there are no belongings currently at the residence, an old wheelbarrow was confiscated from the property. The suspect(s) also went to the back bedroom, took the cover off the breaker box, and cut all the wires leading to the breakers while the power to the breaker box was on. The complainants requested extra patrol for the Mitchell Road area in Ellabell.


Criminal trespassing

July 23 – A woman had recently noticed several scratches to her Chevrolet car, but was unsure how they were being caused. On the date of the report, the woman noticed markings on the hood of her car, spelling out "loser." While the markings went through the clear coating on the vehicle, they did not go through the metal. The woman said that, while she didn’t know who would do this to her, she did have a falling out with several neighbors.


Lost/stolen purse

July 22 – A woman’s purse was last in her possession at the Kilkenny Marina. She told the deputy she had laid the purse on an embankment near the area, but upon returning, found it to be missing. The multi-colored straw-weave bag held $25 cash, a Bank of America ATM card, and a white gold engagement ring valued at $1500.

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