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Storm damage on Isle of Wight
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The residences that were damaged face a marsh which has several waterways flowing through it. - photo by Photo by Robyn Todd

Strong winds toppled trees in Midway Saturday night, causing damage to a home.

According to the National Weather Service a strong series of winds passed through the Isle of Wight, toppling six trees and damaging a residence and a boat on the 700 block of West First Street.

One tree pulled up the driveway of Chris and Robyn Todd, while others caused structural damage to a residence next door. The tree went through a patio, punching a hole through the roof.

Robyn Todd said the storm passed through the neighborhood about 11 p.m., knocking out power as lines fell throughout the area.

Austin Long, Todd’s son said he watched as the wind knocked over a tree into his grandfather’s lawn.

"I watched the tree start to slowly lean and then fall,” Long said. “When the power lines came down they began to arc and we lost power."  

His mother said she was afraid the windows in the home were going to shatter as the storm passed.
The damage was contained primarily to their area.

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