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Sleepy driver winds up with DUI
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Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports:

Harassing phone calls

Feb. 9 - A woman went to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office to report she was getting harassing phone calls from her ex husband, who now lives in Arizona.  "She stated that he calls her residence all of the time at all times of the night," the report said. "She stated that he called 15 times last night." She was told how to get a copy of the incident report.

Stolen vehicle

Feb. 13 - A woman reported her friend took her Jeep. The woman said she let her friend use the Jeep on Feb. 12. "(The complainant) told (her friend) to pick her children up at 13:15 from the bus stop, then bring the vehicle to her at Kroger. (Her friend) took the vehicle and never made it up to Kroger and has not been seen since then," the report said. The case was turned over to a detective.


Dogs at large

Feb. 13 - An Ellabell woman reported she got home to find that one of her cats had been seriously hurt by a neighbor's three dogs. "(The woman) advised that she has had problems with these same dogs in the past, coming into her yard chasing her cats and getting her two dogs barking and agitated," she said. The woman said earlier complaints didn't get any results and she would take civil action against the dog owners. A copy of the report was forwarded to animal control.

Harassing phone calls

Feb. 13 - An Ellabell man reported getting harassing phone calls and about 15 unwanted messages on his voice mail. The man "stated that he had a female friend staying at his residence at this time, and she had recently broken up with her boyfriend," the report said, and the man claimed the boyfriend was calling and threatening him; "(the boyfriend) has also called on every phone in the house and calls the complainant's wife at work." The man was told to keep a record of the calls and see the magistrate about a warrant if the boyfriend didn't stop calling.

4-wheeler recovered

Feb. 24 - The Bulloch County Sheriff's Department called and asked for a little help on a stolen 4-wheeler, so deputy was sent to an Ellabell address to see if a resident had recently bought one. At the address, the deputy found a man riding a 4-wheeler. The deputy got permission from the man to check the Vehicle Identification Number and it matched the one Bulloch County authorities were looking for.

The man told the deputy he bought the 4-wheeler in Effingham County from a man at a convenience store, paying $1,200. The deputy gave the man a receipt for the 4-wheeler and a wrecker was called to haul the vehicle back to Bulloch County.

Criminal damage to property

Feb. 23 - An Ellabell woman reported the following: "Complainant stated that she had left her residence about 1700 hours this date and returned about 2010 hours after dropping her husband off at another residence. When she arrived (at her home) and got out of her vehicle, she heard a hissing sound coming from her husband's truck. On closer inspection she found that someone had cut the two rear tires on the truck. Complainant had no idea who could have damaged the tires."


Feb. 23 - A deputy was sent to mile marker 142 on I-16 "for a vehicle that went off the roadway into some trees," the report said. When he arrived he found the driver standing on the side of the road. The Statesboro resident told the deputy she was OK. "While talking to her she stated that she fell asleep and went off the roadway. I could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. I then asked her if she had anything to drink and she stated no. She then stated that she would take a breath test if I needed her to. She did take a PBT test and was positive for alcohol…"

The woman was arrested and charged with DUI. Her car was towed.

Richmond Hill Police Reports:

Property damage

Feb. 27 – When officers arrived at a home on Osprey Drive, the complainant said her ex-boyfriend of Hinesville had shown up and started yelling and screaming at her. According to the report, the man "grabbed their baby and was holding it in his arms while continuing to be irate. (The complainant’s) aunt grabbed the baby from him and took the child with her. (The offender) said he was going to (profanity) the woman’s car up. He went to his car which was a Cadillac and grabbed a 40-ounce beer bottle. He came up to the woman’s car and started to beat the trunk, denting it. He then hit the back window with the bottle, busting out the window." The woman drives a grey 98 Saturn SLI and has car insurance through Southern General Insurance Company.


Disorderly conduct

Feb. 28 – A Richmond Hill resident was charged with disorderly conduct, traffic stop and failure to maintain his lane after being pulled over on Hwy. 17. According to the reporting officer, the orange Ford Mustang crossed over the white lane line several times. After the officer explained to the man why he’d been pulled over, the man allegedly started arguing with the officer.

"At this point, (the offender) grabbed the door handle and with his other hand, reached out of the car and lunged toward me in an act of rage," the report said. "I pulled my department-issued Taser and activate the ‘on’ switch and pointed it at the man’s center mass. At this point, the man calmed down and I was able to obtain his driver’s license."

But, the officer said the man started to argue with him again, so the officer called for backup before placing the man under arrest.

The man’s vehicle was towed and the man was taken to the county jail to receive his citations.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 26 – An act of vandalism was reported at Cypress Point Drive. The complainant said an unknown person egged his front door and kitchen window while he was out of the residence. The man reported no damage to his home after the egging and he was given a case number.


- From the RHPD.

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