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Roofer from hell abandons Ellabell job
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Matter of record: A deputy was dispatched to a Peachtree Drive address Monday where a man told him "he received a phone call from (a number with a 912 area code). He stated the caller would not identify himself and accused (the man) of a hit and run accident which damaged his vehicle also unidentified. (The man) stated he was not in any accident today or any time in the past and wanted the incident documented."

Civil matter: This guy must be the roofer from hell. An Ellabell woman reported Tuesday she hired a roofer who "began repairs using shingles that didn’t match the shingles that were on the house. (She) stated that she advised (the roofer) that the shingles didn’t match; she stated that he said he would correct the problem," a report said.

"(She) advised when (the roofer) finished working that day, he left with coworkers, leaving his work truck in (her) driveway. (She) stated that (the roofer) returned six days later and retrieved his truck, but did not make contact with her. (She) stated (the roofer never returned to complete the job, leaving a portion of her roof a different color than the remainder."

The woman said she tried calling the roofer several times, but wasn’t able to get hold of him. "(She) advised, while (the roofer) was working at her residence, he struck her mailbox with his truck. (She) stated that (the roofer) advised her of the incident and said that he would fix it, but he only taped the mailbox back onto its post with duct tape. (She) also stated that (the roofer’s) truck leaked oil onto her concrete driveway."

The woman said the company asked for half the money up front and she gave them a check for $962.50. She wanted the incident documented.

Vehicle fire: A deputy responded to a call of a car fire Tuesday on Barnard Road. When he got there the fire was already out. "I observed a white male subject placing water on the vehicle by using a water hose," the deputy reported. "(He) advised that when he arrived home he pulled into his driveway as normal and went inside. (He) then seen a yellow flash of light through his window and observed that the vehicle was on fire. (He) then went outside and extinguished the fire."

It turns out "The vehicle was parked on a pile of leaves," the report said. "A female subject … advised that the pile was set on fire earlier this morning, but had been out since 10 or 11 o’clock this morning. (The man) advised due to the darkness after he arrived home he did not see the pile of leaves."

The car, registered to the man’s mother, was extensively damaged, the report said.

— Staff report

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