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Road rage on exit ramp leads woman to claim shes a cop
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No insurance

Feb. 11 – An officer pulled over a car on Hwy. 144 after noticing it had a tag that had expired in September. Turns out the man didn’t have insurance either. His car was towed, he was cited and given a courtesy ride home.



Feb. 11 – A Laurel Hill Circle home was reportedly burglarized. Missing was an Ipod, Play Station 3, DS Light Unit and a safe containing passports, permanent resident cards and spare keys. There were no signs of forced entry and the safe was found in woods behind the house. The safe had been busted open with a hammer and the contents inside set on fire, the report said.


Matter of record

Feb. 11 – A Harris Trail woman reported her husband stopped by the house and took the TV, entertainment center and coffee table. The man told police he had his own place and he only went to the apartment to get his property and he and his wife had discussed his doing so. The officer explained it was a civil matter.


Matter of record

Feb. 11 – An officer was sent to the complainant’s home in reference to "a dispute with another driver that happened earlier today," the report said. The complainant told the officer he was traveling south on I-95 earlier in the day and exited onto Hwy. 17. He said a dark green pickup was parked in the right lane of traffic on the exit ramp. "When the comp. stopped for the traffic signal at the bottom of the ramp, the green Isuzu pulled beside him. The comp stated that a white female 20-25 yoa was driving. According to the comp., the w/f shouted ‘I’m a (expletive deleted) cop!’ and ‘I should get your (expletive deleted) tag number,’" among other things.

The tag number the complainant gave the officer belonged to a white Chevy pickup from Dawsonville, Ga, the report said. But the complainant told the officer the Isuzu had a Liberty County tag. He was given a case number.


Property damage

Feb. 12 – An officer was dispatched to I-95 near mile marker 90 to take a report from West Virginia woman whose Nissan Altima had hit a tire. There was damage to the front right fender, passenger door and tire.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 12- An officer conducting a security check at the Richmond Hill Range found the door to the range tower had been forced open. There was damage to the door frame, but nothing appeared to be missing.


Public drunk

Feb. 12 – A Midway man apparently in Richmond Hill for a court date was arrested for public drunkeness. That was after an officer smelled alcohol on the man and noticed he was having trouble keeping his balance and asked him if he’d had anything to drink. The man replied no and agreed to a preliminary breath test – and reportedly blew a .174.

"While I was booking (the man) he stated ‘I may have had only three vodka drinks but not more because that is my personal limit.’"


Harassing phone calls

Feb. 12 – A Casey Drive woman reported getting harassing phone calls from her grandson. She said he called and told her "he was going to get her for taking out a warrant for his arrest." She said he called three additional times but she wouldn’t answer the phone. The officer told the woman to say inside, lock her doors and call 911 if she hears anything.



Feb. 12 – A woman told police someone was living in a vacant rental home on Laurel Hill Circle. "She advised whoever is staying there has trashed it." Police went to the home and found a man sleeping in one of the bedrooms. He told them he’d been kicked out of his home by his stepmother and his father was in Iraq. The complainant declined to press charges and offered to pay for a motel room for one week if the man would clean up the rental house. The man said he didn’t trash it but would clean it in return for the motel room. He was taken to a motel and checked into a room.



Feb. 13 – A Savannah man was pulled over after an officer spotted him driving an Impala on Harris Trail Road and not staying in his lane. At one point, "the suspect vehicle … was utilizing both west bound lanes," the report said. After making the traffic stop the officer learned the driver didn’t have a license. He was arrested.



Feb. 13 – An officer was sent to Greenwich Drive regarding the theft of a bicycle valued at $50.


Possession of marijuana

Feb. 13 – An officer pulled a car over on Hwy. 17 for windows that appeared to be tinted too dark. While talking to the driver, the officer "smelt a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle," the report said, noting the driver handed over a bag of what appeared to be marijuana. A search revealed a large marijuana cigarette and a "roach" in a cigarette pack. The man was arrested.



Feb. 12 – A Wild Honey Court man reported two bikes were stolen from his yard.


Traffic stop

Feb. 13 – An officer spotted a pickup with a windshield "cracked from end to end," and made a traffic stop on Casey Drive. It turned out the driver’s license had been suspended for DUI in January, 2007. "The information also showed that (the man) was possibly wanted through immigration for deportation," the report said. The man was cited and taken to jail. Immigration officials told authorities to make sure the man was fingerprinted at the jail because "if he is the right person it will come back immediately," the report said.


Traffic stop

Feb. 14 – An officer clocked a Mustang at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on Timber Trail and also noticed the license plate was expired. He pulled the car over and the driver said the tag had been mailed and he had valid insurance. A check showed the man’s insurance had been cancelled in January, but while the officer was filling out paperwork and arranging for a tow truck to haul away the man’s car he was man was able to call and get his insurance reinstated. The man was cited for expired tag, speeding and no insurance and was told to pay the tow truck driver.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 14 – The owner of a local business reported she "left her business on 2-13-2008 at approximately 6 p.m.," the report said. "She returned to her business this morning and immediately began to fill orders. She stated she did not go to the back door as usual and pull the two by four from the bracing lock system, (which she had installed after the burglary in April of 2007). When she thought about removing the lock it was already 11 a.m. and notice damage to the door in the form of pry marks."

The door was damaged but no one had gotten inside. What’s more, the woman told the officer a man had tried to sell her an alarm system the day before – and she’d been contacted by two different alarm system salesmen before the burglary of her business in 2007. The officer was given flyers left at the business by the salesman and turned the case over to detectives.


Matter of record

Feb. 14 – An officer was sent to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a report of harassment. Once he got there, he talked with a Kentucky woman who told him: "she met a subject by the name of Michael (last name) in Iowa while she was traveling through three years ago. (The woman) advised that they talked briefly about country music and song writing. (The woman) then advised that since then (the man) has been following her around from state to state. (The woman) advised that last this date she was dropped off at the T/A truck stop and was walking into the back to do some laundry. She was going to speak to an individual, when turned around it was (the man). He did not say anything to her and she did not say anything to him. (The woman) went on to say she has filed several police reports in various states and most recently in Savannah where she spoke to the sheriff," the report said.

The woman was interested in taking out a temporary protective order and pressing charges. The woman said she was heading back to Kentucky and would call for the police report.



Feb. 14 – A heat pump, antique hand pump for a well, central air conditioning unit and steel barricade were reported stolen from a Golden Way home. The owner, who had a Savannah address, said he wasn’t certain when the stuff was taken or if it any of it still worked.


Harassing phone calls

Feb. 14 – A Piercefield Drive man reported getting harassing phone calls. The man said he’d reported the caller earlier and at that time didn’t want to press charges, but now he did after the man refused to stop calling. The man also said he’d told the caller to "stay out of his business pertaining to his daughter."


Public drunk

Feb. 14 – An officer was dispatched to the intersection of Casey Drive and Harris Trail "in reference to a couple of suspicious persons," the report said. A second officer arrived a short time later and met with a man and woman "who appeared to very intoxicated which was evident by a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage about their persons, glassy eyes, slurred speech and unsteady on their feet," the report said. The reporting officer noticed the man had an abrasion on the upper left part of his forehead and asked him if he wanted EMS to come check him out. The man said no. "When asked what had happened he stated that they were walking home from the Jukebox when he tripped over a root of a tree and hit his head," the report said. "I asked (the man) several more times if he wanted EMS to check him out and he continuously stated ‘NO.’" The officer asked if the two could find someone to come pick them up and they got in touch with someone by phone, but "when I spoke to the individual (male subject) he spoke as if he was/had something to drink as well."

After waiting 30 minutes, the officers arrested the man and woman on public intoxication and took them to jail.


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