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Richmond Hill Police Beat
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Wrong number?

March 27 – A Sterling Creek woman called police after allegedly receiving some disturbing phone calls. She said an elderly man has repeatedly called her over the past few months, and "she heard noises on the other end of the line that sounded as though someone was mocking her."

Officer Wendell Jarrell called the man, who lives in Savannah. The man said he misdialed the number because he has difficulty seeing the numbers on the phone, but he would make every effort to not mistakenly dial the Richmond Hill woman’s number again.


Public drunkenness

March 27 – Star Cpl. Ray Fowler observed three men and one woman walking down Harris Trail Road. The female could not walk or stand without assistance, and Fowler noted that all four reeked of alcohol. The woman reportedly addressed Fowler and the three men "with objectionable behavior" and was arrested for public drunkenness.


Drug possession

March 25 - Officer Jonathan Zirpolo pulled over a Savannah man for going 35 miles per hour in the 25 mph-posted Mulberry Drive. A check on the man’s license came up with him being wanted out of Laurens County. A search of the vehicle reportedly revealed several prescription drugs, including hydrocodone and oxycodone, not in their proper bottle. The man was charged with illegal drug possession.


Harassing phone calls

March 23 – A woman on Shady Oak Circle called police, saying two juvenile girls have been calling her on her cell and home phones. She told Star Cpl. Steve Potts that the calls would start at after-school hours and "continue late into the night." She said they lived in St. Augustine and had been communicating with her 12-year-old son. Potts contacted the St. Augustine residence and informed the girls’ mother of the volume of calls. The mother assured Potts the calls would cease.


Public drunkenness

March 22 – Sgt. Luke Harris was coming off I-95 at exit 87 when he observed a man holding up a cardboard sign soliciting money. The man hid the sign under his jacket when he saw the officer. Harris approached the man and spoke to him about the ordinance against soliciting. Harris reportedly smelled alcohol on the man’s breath, and administered a breathalyzer. After testing positive, the man was arrested for public drunkenness.


Public drunkenness

March 21 – Star Cpl. Eric Gaustad observed a man near exit 87 holding up a cardboard sign soliciting for money while causing a traffic hazard by being "uneasy on his feet." Gaustad was escorting the man to a safer location when he reportedly detected alcohol on the man's breath and slurred speech. The man blew a .175 and was arrested. Gaustad then observed another man, who had been soliciting earlier, stumbling in the roadway near T/A Truck Stop. Gaustad tested him and arrested him after the breathalyzer registered .217.


Public drunkenness

March 20 – Star Cpl. Steve Potts responded to the vicinity of I-95 exit 87 upon getting a call about an intoxicated pedestrian. When Potts arrived, he found the man urinating in the bushes near the onramp. He was arrested.

From RHPD reports.

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