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Richmond Hill cops kept busy with assaults, shoplifting, more
Richmond Hill Police Department Reports
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Criminal Trespass

June 11 – An officer responded to the area of Bristol Hwy. in reference to a report of damaged property. The officer spoke with the complainant, who said he had parked his truck in his driveway the night before but when he came out the next morning he noticed one of the front headlights and one of the fog lights had been painted blue.

The man said he had had no problems with any of his neighbors in the area and the officers patrolled the area looking for any other areas painted blue, but none were found.

Simple Assault

June 12 – An officer responded to the area of Casey Drive and spoke with a woman who said her husband had become upset with her after she removed a magazine from the window that was blocking the sunlight. The woman said she was in the process of putting another piece of paper there when her husband began swearing at her and threatened to "knock her out."

The woman said the argument continued, and noted that since there had been physical violence in the relationship before she had reason to worry it would happen again. She left the residence.

Another officer spoke with the woman’s husband who said he and his wife had been arguing and they both had threatened each other. The man further said he was leaving the state at the end of the week and his wife was upset he was leaving. The man then said his wife was trying to set him up because he had just paid a significant amount towards her bills. He said he and his wife had been married for nearly two decades but had lived together off and on during that time.

The man did admit to having threatened his wife, but said it was just an argument and he did not mean to insinuate he was actually going to hurt her.

The officer spoke with both of the couple’s children. Their teenage son told the officer his father had threatened his mother and his teenage sister stood between the parents to try and stop the father from yelling at the mother. The son also mentioned the home was less chaotic when his father wasn’t living with them.

Since there was no physical contact between the man and wife the officer asked the man leave for the night.

About an hour later the woman called police again and said her husband had returned to their home, and arrangements were made so the woman could stay with a neighbor for the night.

The officer checked the computer system at the Richmond Hill Police Department and found the man had been an offender in domestic related incidents and found that the complaints ranged from stolen vehicles to simple battery/assault.


June 14 – Officers were dispatched to a business on Hwy. 17 and I-95 in reference to a shoplifting in progress. The store manager told dispatch he had observed the theft and then followed the suspects out of the store and to their vehicle. The manager described the suspects and the type of vehicle they were driving. The manager then informed dispatch – who then told officers in the area – that the couple was leaving the area and the police officers blocked the exits from the business. The couple exited the vehicle and the officers saw they matched the description provided by the manager.

The officers were advised that a DVD player and two DVDs had been taken from the store and the officers gave the couple an opportunity to prove that the DVD player and DVDs had been purchased properly. Neither could explain the origin of the items and if they had been purchased.

The two were detained while the officers conducted an investigation and only the DVD payer – valued at $49 – could be verified as stolen. One officer viewed the surveillance tapes and saw a "blatant theft with concealment" happen inside the store.

The couple were cited and released to appear in court.

Cruelty to Children/Battery

June 14 – Three officers were dispatched to the area of Boyd Road regarding a physical altercation. Once at the home the officers found the victim crying in the living room along with several small children who were also crying. The woman advised one of the officers that her father had become enraged at her over the TV remote being found in the front yard by one of her nephews.

The woman said the man was extremely intoxicated and threw the remote at the 9-year-old who found the remote. The woman said she took her father’s bottle of alcohol and poured it down the sink drain at which time the man became very angry, grabbing the woman by her arms and neck.

One officer noted visible red marks on the woman’s neck and bruises on both arms. The woman said the injuries were caused by her father, and said the entire incident had taken place while the children were in the home. One officer spoke with the father of the woman in his bedroom, where he was lying down; the officer reported he could smell a strong odor of alcohol in the room. The man was arrested and handcuffed, and then transferred to the Bryan County Jail without incident.


June 17 – An officer met with a man and woman at the police department. The couple was standing outside their cars, and the officer noted it seemed to be a domestic issue.

The woman said the man, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her newborn baby, had been stalking her and she wanted him arrested. She explained she had recently broken up with the man and that she had received 53 calls from him in the previous 40 minutes. She also said the man had seen her pass by in her car and immediately turned around to follow her, and that she had pulled into the police department to scare him off before realizing he was going to keep following her.

The officer then spoke with the man, who said his relationship with the woman was unhealthy and she threatens to have him arrested if things do not go her way. The man said he had recently broken up with her and wanted to talk. He said when he saw her vehicle pass earlier he thought he would follow her so that they could talk. While en route, he said the woman called him and told him she was headed to the police department to have him arrested. He said she told him that, with his previous history, everybody would believe her and she would make sure he never had visitation with his son again. He said he decided to stay at the police department so he could tell his side of the story. The man said he is currently on probation in a neighboring county for an aggravated stalking charge and she uses this to manipulate him.

The officer checked the call history in her cell phone and saw the 53 calls the man made. He was unable to show where the woman had called him. The officer provided the woman with information on a temporary restraining order and warrants, and advised the man to stay away.

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