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Richmond Hill blotter: woman reports gas stolen
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Suspended registration

June 19 – An officer noticed a vehicle driving down Hwy. 17 without a passenger side mirror. When he checked the registration, it showed the vehicle had been suspended for insurance reasons. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver "was not able to locate (his license) very quickly." The officer asked if it was suspended and the driver allegedly said "it could be, but he was not sure" and did not have proof of insurance. The officer reportedly saw several marijuana seeds and small amounts of leaves scattered throughout the car. "I asked the driver if he had any illegal substances on his person or in the vehicle. He was very cooperative and advised that he did and that it was under the driver’s seat."

The officer found two bags of marijuana and a pipe with a cleaning rod. The driver was arrested and the evidence was taken. The driver was processed and cited for suspended registration, no proof of insurance and for a misdemeanor of possession of marijuana. He was released to AAA Bonding in the amount of about $1,100.


Theft by taking

June 14 – An Ashton Apartments resident said she put 14 gallons of gas in her vehicle for about $50. She said she only went to a few places and then went home at around 4 p.m. "The complainant parked her vehicle in front of her building and did not return until 9 a.m. the next morning," the report said. "When the complainant tried to start her vehicle she discovered the fuel tank was completely empty." She told police that just the day before, she had filled up and then the next day, found the gas gauge to be close to empty. "As the complainant could not recall specifically how far she had traveled, she dismissed her discrepancy and quickly filled her fuel tank." The reporting officer suggested she get a locking gas cap and park in well-lit areas and told her that if she saw any suspicious activity to report it.


Matter of record

June 14 – Police were called to Clyde’s in response to a woman spilling gas on herself. The complainant said she was putting gas into the vehicle and was planning on only pumping $40 worth of it. When the total reached $40, she said she tried to stop the pump but it would not. "So she panicked and pulled the hose from the tank, causing her to spill gas on herself," the report said. The woman complained the gas was burning her, so EMS was called to the scene and they attributed the burning sensation to a skin irritation resulting from the gas. The woman was advised to change her clothing.


Domestic offense

June 13 – A Cherokee Street resident said his 26-year-old brother had been living with him for roughly six months. According to the complainant, he’d asked his brother to move out by Monday but his brother didn’t want to leave. "The complainant stated that there had been no physical altercation, only a verbal disagreement," and the man was briefed on procedures for eviction.


Criminal trespass

June 16 – A criminal trespass violation was reported at the Plantation Apartments after the complainant showed police a rear window that had been pushed off of its track. Inside, a chandelier was smashed, several light fixtures were broken and the sheetrock was kicked in on several walls. The complainant said the apartment had been vacant for several months. A woman who lived next door said she’d heard banging on the walls at around 11 p.m. a week before, but didn’t think to say anything about until she saw management outside on the day of the report. The officer reported several large fingerprints on the window and called in a specialist. The complainant was given a case number.


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