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RHPD reports: Out of town couple gets into trouble, police get involved
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Domestic Dispute

May 8 – An officer responded to a hotel room off Interstate 95 in response to an argument and spoke with a man who told him he and his live-in girlfriend of three weeks were on their way to Florida for medical treatment and stopped in Richmond Hill on the way. He said the two had started arguing the previous day about personal matters. The man said the woman began having medical issues related to the argument so he took her to a medical center in Liberty County where she was treated and released. The man told the police officer the woman had initially refused to leave the medical center and the police had to intervene to get her to leave.

The man told the officer that when he and his girlfriend returned to the hotel in Richmond Hill the woman refused to get out of the car and ended up spending the whole night outside in the car. He said the woman had an extensive medical history, including three strokes, two heart attacks and diabetes. The man said around 7 a.m. that morning the woman began blowing the horn of the car and when he told her to stop they started arguing again.

The man told the officer that he had had enough of the woman and wanted her to get out of his car so he could continue his trip.

The officer spoke with the woman who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car acting as if she could not speak. She tried to communicate with the officer by writing her words on paper with her left hand but the writing was hardly legible. The woman became frustrated with the officer for not being able to read her writing.

When the officer asked if the man was her boyfriend the woman became agitated and was able to tell the officer that he was her caregiver, not her boyfriend.

She indicated she had a brother in Florida but would not give his contact information to the officer. The officer called EMS to come and check the woman’s condition but she refused an examination.

The officer suggested the woman return to the hotel room so the man could continue his trip but she refused.

When the officer asked if she wanted to continue the trip with the man, she communicated to the officers he had pulled her by the neck trying to get her out of the car. An examination showed no marks on the woman’s neck. The officer noted when he checked out the hotel room he found four travel bags containing 50 to 100 medication bottles.

The woman was becoming more and more uncooperative and the man more adamant that the woman get out of his car so that he would not miss his appointment in Florida.

The officer (along with another officer and the help of EMS) decided to escort the woman from the car and take her to the hotel room. As the woman was removed from the car she acted as if she were dead weight and complained that her neck and leg were hurting.

The officer then asked EMS to put the woman on a stretcher and take her to her room but then decided she may not be safe there by herself and requested she be taken to Memorial Health in Savannah for evaluation.

As the officer left the scene for the hospital the woman seemed to have a complete turn-around, becoming quite concerned for the well-being of her boyfriend.

The officer noted that once they arrived at Memorial the woman made a "remarkable" recovery.

The woman waived her right to be evaluated and signed with very neat penmanship using her right hand. She then asked the officer about the man, and he told her he was most likely on his way.

The woman told the officer to tell the man she loved him.


Terroristic Threats

May 9 – Officers responded to a hotel on Highway 17 in response to loud noises coming from one of the rooms.

The officers spoke with the suspect, who was apparently very intoxicated, and he became belligerent with the officers, swearing and yelling at them.

The man was asked to calm down and to stop swearing but he refused to quit. He was then advised to keep the noise down because it was bothering other guests.

The officers left the area but returned a few minutes later; they stood outside the room to see if the man would quite down.

They noticed another guest was in the room at this time and they heard noises coming from the room that sounded like a struggle was taking place. The officers knocked on the door and again spoke with the man, who became enraged again and started to swear once more at the officers.

The man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and placed in the back of a police car to be taken to the Bryan County Jail.

While on the way to the jail the man used very offensive language towards one of the officers, prompting the officer to record the conversation. The man swore at the officer most of the trip and head butted the cage separating the front and back seats several times.

The man then told the officer that his lawyer was going to sue the officer, the police department and the county, and that he was going to take the officer’s house, throw his wife and children out, and then urinate on them. The man then told the officer he was going to kill him.

Once at the jail, the man refused to give any information to the officer, who then asked the jail staff to forward information about the man to him once he finally provided it.

The officer instructed the jail to hold the man until warrants for terroristic threats were secured.


Domestic Dispute

May 9 – A woman called police to the area of Braclakin Road after an argument with her husband over their young son crying.

The woman said during the argument her husband held the bedroom door to where the baby was crying shut and would not allow her to enter. She said her husband made no physical contact with her but that he was using profane language in front of their children.

The woman said when her husband’s father said he was calling the police her husband left the home.

The woman said she wanted to file the report because it wasn’t an isolated incident due to her husband’s behavior.


Possession of Marijuana

May 9 – An officer was on regular patrol in the area of Brisbon Hall Lane and saw an unfamiliar vehicle backed into a parking place in the middle of the parking lot at an apartment complex.

The car was improperly parked and did not appear to be secured.

The officer stopped to check the vehicle and smelled what seemed to be marijuana coming from the car. As the officer got closer to the car the smell was stronger and he saw there were three people inside the car.

The officer spoke with and identified the three men in the car and asked if he could search the vehicle.

The driver agreed and all three men were frisked for safety reasons. The officer noticed a green leafy substance on the shirt of one of the men and on the sock of another. A search of the car turned up what looked to be marijuana in the passenger seat of the car.

Another officer on the scene found a small bag containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana.

The three men were advised of their Miranda rights and each agreed to speak with the officers. One man said the marijuana was his and he was arrested and released on bond.



May 10 – An officer was running radar on I-95 when he clocked a car traveling at 106 miles per hour. The officer pulled the car over and immediately made contact with the driver. The officer noted the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

He noticed the woman’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and that her speech was slurred.

The officer asked the woman if she had been drinking and she said she had not been.

But after talking with the woman for a few minutes she told the officer she had been in Savannah with a friend and that they had gone out and had a few drinks. The officer called for another officer to meet him at the scene.

The driver agreed to submit to some sobriety tests and when she exited her vehicle the officer noticed she was having a hard time keeping her balance. A breath sample showed a blood-alcohol content of .139.

The woman didn’t successfully pass the other tests and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. The woman was taken to the police station where she blew a .138 on the breathalyzer machine.

She was charged with speeding and DUI and was taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Incidents taken from reports on file at the Richmond Hill Police Department.

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