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Police Blotters for August 18

The following Incidents are taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

A Richmond Hill Police Department officer was sent to Kroger Aug. 4 regarding a shoplifter caught in the act.
“She said she has a medical condition that causes her to steal items,” the officer reported. “(She) said she was sorry for the theft and said she can not stop herself from stealing.”
The woman was cited, given a court date and released. She also was given a form banning her from Kroger.
As for what she tried to take, it was “Prego sauce, ground beef, ground turkey, Stouffers, Ballpark franks, and an apple.”
The items were returned to Kroger.

Property damage
A Pembroke man reported around midday Wednesday his car had been hit by a bullet.
A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy investigated and “discovered a home made shooting range on the property directly behind the complainant,” a report said.
Deputies talked to the owner of the homemade shooting range, and he acknowledged he’d been target shooting.
“Deputies advised that a stray bullet had damaged the neighbor’s car … (the man) was extremely cooperative with deputies and drove to the complainant’s (home) to apologize.”
The two worked it out, with the range owner giving the man $600 “cash,” the report said.

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