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Pigs feet stolen to trade for crack?
Law reports for Bryan County
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Criminal trespass

Aug. 6 – A deputy was sent out to Hwy. 144 for damage to property of a vehicle. Someone had drawn a picture and suggestive words on the windows in what "appeared to be white shoe polish," the report said. Some of the polish dripped onto the vehicle’s paint, causing streaks which apparently stained the vehicle’s paint. The complainant said they didn’t know who did it, but had some "younger males that lived next door to them which they have had problems with." A copy of the report was passed along to detectives.



Aug. 6 – A Pembroke resident reported a burglary at her residence. She told the deputy that her ex-roommate broke into her home through the front door and took four packs of ribs, three packs of smoked neck bones, and two packs of pig feet meat, valued at a total of $36. She said the man is "on crack and took the items to trade for crack cocaine." She was told how to get a copy of the report and to see the magistrate judge.


Accidental damage

Aug. 6 – Damage to a vehicle happened at J.F. Gregory Park while an employee of the City of Richmond Hill was cutting the grass with a city lawn mower. According to the report, the employee said "a piece of metal was thrown out from under the lawn mower, and hit a car parked nearby." The damage consisted of several dents and holes on the left rear end of a 2007 Acura MDC. The employee and vehicle owner were given the case number.


Stolen boat

Aug. 8 – An Ellabell resident reported his boat stolen. He told the deputy he is in the process of moving, and when he was last at his residence on Aug. 7, the boat was there. The boat has no trailer and is currently registered to its previous owner, also an Ellabell resident. According to the report, no one in the area saw anyone stealing it.


Aggravated assault

Aug. 15 – A deputy was called out to Splinter Lane in Ellabell in regard to a man and two witnesses who said they were at home sleeping when a man allegedly pushed/kicked his way through the front door, entered without permission, and immediately went after the complainant. According to the report, the man struck the complainant in the head twice with a pipe, causing a "large gash to the right side of (his) face." The man does not live at the home, and had already been told by all residents not to enter it. The complainant was informed of warrant procedures for aggravated assault, burglary and criminal trespass. The offender was contacted and admitted to entering the home and hitting the complainant with a pipe.

Theft by taking

Aug. 5 – A man’s handgun was stolen from his vehicle in Richmond Hill. The man told the deputy his "H&K 40 caliber S&W was taken out of the glove box." He saw the weapon was missing on Aug. 4, when he looked for it inside his vehicle. He told the deputy he thinks that his wife took it, because "she is suffering from a drug habit," the report said. The gun was purchased in 1999 from "The Gun Shop Incorporated" in Savannah, for more than $700. The complainant was told a theft report would be done, and forwarded to investigators for further review. The report said the gun would also be entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center as being stolen.


Unwanted person

Aug. 11 – A woman called the sheriff’s department to have her son removed from her property in Ellabell. When the deputy arrived, the man had already left and gone down the street to his sister’s home. The man said he had "broken out a window and some items were thrown around the residence." His mother said she did not want to press charges. Down at the sister’s home, she also wanted him off the property. The deputy found the man locked in a garage apartment, "hiding under a bed," the report said. The man said he "was off his medication and wanted to be transported to the hospital to get help and more medication." EMS arrived and checked him out, but said his conditions were not life threatening, and they would not transport him. His girl friend said she would take him to the hospital, the report said.


Matter of record

Aug. 14 – Shots were fired out at Jerusalem Church Road in Pembroke. The complainant said she was outside doing some yard work when her neighbor drove by "very slowly, almost coming to a stop." She said right after this, she heard a gun being shot, coming from his general direction. She told the deputy she thought he did it "just because he saw her outside and knows it bothers her." No shots were fired while the deputy was there.


Stolen van

Aug. 16 – A Ford Aerostar van was allegedly stolen from a woman’s place of employment by her ex-husband on Aug. 7. The complainant said several employees saw her ex-husband drive off in the van, but she didn’t report it until Aug. 16 because she thought he would return it. The complainant and her ex-husband have been divorced since 2006, and the van is registered to her. She told police she thinks the man is in the Savannah area; the case has been turned over to detectives.


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