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Online argument
MySpace messages becomes physical
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Criminal trespass

Aug. 17 – Police got a "buggy hitting a vehicle call." The complainant said while he was working inside Kroger, someone struck his vehicle – which was parked beside the cart storage rack – with a grocery cart. The report noted damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. The man had two witnesses’ names and numbers, along with the suspect’s vehicle tag. "Both witnesses stated that the suspect unloaded his grocery cart, pushed it towards the storage rack, and let go of it," the report said. "They stated that the cart struck the comp.’s vehicle. The suspect then retrieved the cart, put it in the storage rack, and left in his vehicle." When the officer spoke with the alleged suspect, the man said he was at Kroger and had pushed his cart toward the storage rack, but then "turned around to leave. He advised me that he was unaware of striking the vehicle. He also asked me ‘how he could take care of this.’" The complainant said he wanted the damage repaired and both men received case numbers.


Matter of record

Aug. 11 – It was a fight resulting from "words" exchanged on MySpace. The complainant said the offender drove up to her house, got out of his car and shoved her brother, the victim. The victim said the offender was "trying to hustle his girlfriend so he had words with him through MySpace." The offender gave the same story. The victim had no visible marks on him and said he didn’t want to press charges – also noting he didn’t even know why his sister had called the police. His sister said she wanted the incident documented in case the offender returned.


Suspended license

Aug. 15 – Driving 38 m.p.h. and weaving in the left lane in a posted 55 m.p.h. zone is apparently a tip off to police. The driver was in the area of the KOA campgrounds on Hwy. 17, "impeding the free flow of traffic." The officer stopped the vehicle and asked for license and registration. "He stated that he did not have his license with him, but indicated it was a Florida license." A check through the system indicated the man had been previously suspended for "five different offenses" and he was arrested and his vehicle towed.


Traffic stop

Aug. 14 – Driving with a suspended license and more than 100 bootleg DVDs might be a clear indicator that one should at least be wearing a seatbelt. But an Allenhurst resident driving down Hwy. 17 wasn’t, and a traffic stop ensued.

"The driver was very nervous and immediately began sweating," the report said. "The driver searched for his insurance card but could not locate it. He removed his license from his wallet but did not give them to me. He kept searching for his insurance card." The officer told the man he’d pulled him over for the seatbelt violation and the man finally turned over his license. "The driver’s license returned suspended with a serve date of May 14, 2008, No Insurance Conviction," the report said. After the officer told the driver that, he asked him if he had any drugs or weapons in the vehicle, based on his nervous behavior, the report said. The driver said he "had several ‘Bootleg Movies’ in the truck. He stated that the movies were illegal."

The man was arrested and the officer took the 110 "pirated" DVDs. The driver said he was very low on cash and, if his vehicle was towed, he would not be able to buy it out. The manager at Scottish Inns told him the vehicle could be left there and the driver said his wife would come pick it up. The DVDs were taken into evidence.



Aug. 12 – At 11:30 p.m., the officer arrived at a Mimosa Road residence to find the complainant "in her vehicle in the driveway, crying." She told the officer she’d recently moved out and was returning to get her things. "She said upon arriving she was confronted by the offender, who got into a physical altercation with her and during the altercation her lip was busted and her back was scratched where she said he held her down," the report said. The offender came outside and said the house was his "and that the compl. always comes over late and night to get her belongings." He said he was angry because he had to wake up early to go to work. "He said that she forced herself in...and became very aggressive when he asked her to leave. He said that he had to struggle with her to keep her from hitting him and in doing so may have busted her lip." The woman said she had all her belongings except two bags in the driveway.

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