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Naked man throws rocks at house
Bryan County Sheriff's Office Reports
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Indecent Exposure

June 1 – A resident of the Shadow Moss Circle area in Richmond Hill called police regarding a naked man roaming the neighborhood and throwing rocks at her house. The woman said her daughter and some of her friends heard the rocks hit the window and looked out and saw the man fully undressed outside their window.

The deputy arrived on the scene and saw the man walking towards him. When the man realized he was walking towards a deputy he ran and the officer got out of his car and chased the man, who ended up running through some bushes; the officer lost sight of him.

The deputy called for another deputy and a search dog and they tracked the man after letting the dog get a scent from a pair of pants found lying close by. The deputies and the dog searched the area and found a sock with a hole in the toe area on an air conditioning unit behind a home. The deputies spoke with the owner of the home where the socks were found and she said she had two sons. One of the sons matched the description of the person roaming naked in the neighborhood but he told the deputies he had been at home all night. They noticed the man had a cut on one of his toes and he said he didn’t know how he had gotten the cut, but his mother said the carpet in their home often cut their toes. The deputies left the home.

A copy of the report was given to a detective for further investigation.


Public Drunk

June 2 – A deputy was dispatched to the area of Hwy. 67 north of Pembroke in reference to a highly intoxicated man walking towards Pembroke. The deputy dispatched a Pembroke Police officer to check out the scene until he could arrive and that officer went and found the man, who was very intoxicated. The officer noted the man was very belligerent about being stopped but could barely stand up. The officer took the man into custody and took him to the jail where the Sheriff’s deputy met him. When the deputy arrived he found that the man had defecated all over himself and had wet his clothing. The man was charged with public drunk and was given a bond.



June 3 – A deputy was traveling north on Hwy. 17 when he noticed a car traveling at a high rate of speed. A radar check of the car indicated it was going 20 mph over the speed limit and the officer initiated a traffic stop.

The deputy made contact with the driver who said the reason she was speeding was because she was headed to the hospital on Fort Stewart where her sister was having a baby. The deputy smelled the odor of alcohol coming from the woman’s car and noticed her eyes were bloodshot. The deputy had the woman exit her car and had her walk towards his patrol car as a sobriety test; he noticed she was unsteady on her feet.

During another field sobriety test the woman stopped and told the officer she couldn’t do it and said she didn’t want to waste his time.

A breath test showed the woman was positive for alcohol in her system and was placed under arrest. The woman was processed and booked and then taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Terroristic Threats

June 5 – An officer met with a man at his home in Ellabell in reference to threats he had received. The man told the officer a man had pulled into his yard and told him that he would kill him when he left his home. The man then got into his car and left the area.

The man said his wife and young son were with him on his front porch when the incident happened and that it upset them both. He said there had been an ongoing problem with the man and the officer told him about getting warrant procedures and told him he should consult a lawyer about getting a restraining order against the man.


Obstructing or Hindering an Emergency Phone Call

June 5 – An officer responded to a home in the area of Knollwood Court in Richmond Hill in response to a 911 hang up. While en route the officer was informed that the complainant had called back and said she was having a domestic dispute with her husband.

The officer arrived and made contact with the woman who said that she and her husband had gotten into a verbal argument and that her husband was using abusive language towards her in a threatening manner. The woman said she was scared and called 911. While on the phone with a dispatcher the man tried to take the phone from his wife and the phone call was disconnected. The woman said she began to redial 911 and the man unplugged the phone from the wall. The woman then said she got her cell phone and called 911 from outside.

The officer then spoke with the man who said he and his wife had been in a verbal argument and he said he did pull the power cord to the phone out of the wall when his wife was trying to call police because he thought the call was unnecessary.

The man was then placed under arrest for obstructing or hindering an emergency call.

The man was then taken to the Bryan County Jail.


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