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Money stolen from mailbox in Ellabell
Recent crime reports

Recent reports filed with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department include:

Nov. 5

Matter of record — A complainant told a BCSO deputy that a black Mazda SUV was going through her neighborhood on Hidden Creek Drive in Ellabell at high speeds and swerving. She said that at one point, the driver got behind an elderly pedestrian who was walking her dog and honked the horn to frighten her. The complainant said the vehicle left the neighborhood, but returned shortly after going at a higher rate of speed.

Nov. 2

Criminal trespass, misdemeanor — A BCSO officer spoke with a man on Saxon Copious Bluff Road in Ellabell who claimed to have had money and checks stolen from his mailbox.

The complainant showed the deputy a letter in a baggy that had been sent to his son for his birthday. The complainant said the letter contained a birthday card and about $20 cash. The lower right-hand corner of the envelope was torn off, and the cash had been removed. Also, the complainant said he has had several checks for work he has go missing from the mailbox. All the checks had been canceled, but one person tried to cash at least one of them.

The officer advised the complainant to speak with the U.S. Postal Service about the incidents and gave the man a case number.

Animal complaint — A BCSO officer responded to a complaint of a snake on the back porch of a residence on Waterford Landing Road in Richmond Hill.

Upon arrival, the officer saw the snake slither under the porch. The complainant was advised to get assistance from a pest-control specialist.

Oct. 26

Matter of record — An RHPD officer was dispatched to Clyde’s Market in reference to a “stolen U-Haul.” The complainants told the officer they had driven from Fort Myers, Florida, with one complainant’s cousin to get some furniture from a friend, who lives on Charlie’s Road, and move it to Fort Myers. The truck had been rented by another cousin, who remained in Florida. According to the complainants, the group started arguing, so the initial cousin jumped into the truck and left, heading north on Highway 17. One complainant’s cellphone, driver’s license and debit card were in the truck. The complainants still had access to a Camry that was used to follow the truck to that area.

The officer told the complainants that the incident was a civil matter between them and the cousin who allegedly took the truck, and that it would have to be worked out among them or through a court of law. The complainants were given a case number.

Oct. 25

Matter of record — Two RHPD officers responded to a complaint of the illegal dumping of a deer.

After the officers arrived at the scene, in the 200 block of Live Oak Drive, the complainant said that when he opened his garage door that morning, he saw a pair of hooves at the top of the drainage canal. As he walked closer, the complainant saw the remains of a deer and called for police shortly after.

An officer at the scene told the complainant that the discovery was a matter for the Department of Natural Resources. A DNR officer was called to the scene. The deer was removed and taken away by Public Works.

Shoplifting — A store manager at Dollar General told an RHPD officer that two women had entered her store and stolen merchandise. The manager said the women entered the store and stayed in one aisle, placing items in a basket. The women then quickly left the store without paying, the manager said. An employee got the tag for the women’s vehicle, and the responding officer was provided video of the women.

Hours later, an off-duty officer located the vehicle going north on Highway 25 near the TA truck stop and informed the initial responding officer, adding that the vehicle had turned into the parking lot at the Motel 6. The responding officer made contact with the vehicle’s owner and, while speaking with her, saw the woman who on the video had carried the merchandise out of the store. The report says the suspect was recognizable because of “her pink hair highlights.”

The officer confronted the suspect, who admitted to taking the merchandise because of “hard times.” The officer gave her a citation and a criminal-trespass warning for Dollar General, and advised her of her court date.

Oct. 22

Matter of record — A complainant contacted RHPD about a suspicious man pushing a trash can down the 300 block of Plantation Way.

The complainant told the responding officer that he witnessed a man with a trash can walking in the middle of the road, not seeming to know where he was going. The officer made contact with the man, who said he was new to the area and was out enjoying the evening. The man wasn’t sure what his address was, how to get back there or where he acquired the trash can. The report states that the man appeared to have early symptoms of dementia.

The man called his ex-wife, who provided his address. The officer gave the man a courtesy ride to his residence. The trash can’s owner was identified via inspecting some of the trash, and the can was returned to that residence.

Oct. 21

Matter of record — An RHPD officer was dispatched to Royal Oak Car Wash for the report of a dog bite.

The officer was told by the employees that the business’ owner had been attacked by a customer’s pit bull in the main lobby and went to an urgent-care facility for treatment. The dog’s owner was in the front-porch waiting area. When the officer approached him, the man began walking toward the officer with his dog secured on a leash. However, as the man drew closer, the dog became aggressive and lunged at the officer while barking and growling. When the man pulled the leash to control the dog, the dog turned around snapped at him.

The dog’s owner secured the animal in his vehicle and told the officer that the animal began becoming aggressive toward other people only about six months prior. He said he had a muzzle for the dog, but didn’t bring it with him that day because he didn’t plan on removing the dog from his vehicle. The dog’s shots were up to date, its owner said.

Video of the incident showed the dog jumping at the business’ owner and biting his right hand when the business owner was walking behind the dog’s owner.

The officer met with the injured party at the urgent-care facility. The man suffered an injury to his hand that required stitches and a superficial scratch along his right leg. The man said he thought the dog was friendly and was trying to pet it. However, as he reached out to the animal, the dog appeared to be alert like it was guarding something. The man said he decided to keep walking, but the dog still bit him.

An Animal Control officer met with the dog’s owner and told him his pet had to be quarantined for 10 days while he confirmed that the dog’s shots were up to date.

The RHPD officer told both parties that the matter would be civil in nature in the event there was a disagreement over medical bills. He also advised the dog’s owner to keep the animal muzzled in the future when he leaves the house with it. The car-wash owner said he no longer would allow customers to have their animals at his business.

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