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Midway man allegedly tries to play possum with deputies
Bryan County
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DUI refusal

Sept. 18 – A Midway resident was pulled over after cutting off a deputy and another vehicle while turning off Hwy. 17 onto Harris Trail. The driver got out immediately after being pulled over, and told the deputy he could not find his license. The deputy asked why the man had failed to yield at the right of way, and the man replied that he thought the deputy had failed to yield for him. The man was allegedly unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. When asked how much he had drunk, he said, "Just take me to jail."

The deputy went to run the man’s name, at which time the man reportedly found his wallet and handed over his license, which came back with a Sept. 2006 suspension for DUI.

During the field sobriety test, the man reportedly failed each test, and after the deputy arrested him and requested a Breathalyzer, the man said he wouldn’t answer any questions. When the man’s vehicle was searched, the cup holder was found with a fruity alcohol drink and a small, nearly empty bottle of vodka was also reportedly found.

The man was taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department, where he again refused to take a breath test. The deputy took him to the Sheriff’s Office next, where the man started asking for the handcuffs to be removed because they were too tight. The deputy checked the tightness and could fit a finger between the cuffs and the man’s wrist, the report said.

The deputy wrote up citations for failure to yield right of way, a DUI, refusal second offense, suspended license, and an open container. The man repeatedly asked for the cuffs to be removed, and the deputy said he would as soon as the paperwork was completed, the report said. When asked to sign the citations, the man allegedly laughed and refused, at which point he received another citation for failure to sign his citations.

While the deputy filled out the final forms, the man reportedly said, "You better take these handcuffs off or I am going to pass out in two minutes." Next, the man "fell to the floor and acted as though he was unconscious but continued opening his eyes." When the deputy pulled the man to his feet again, he said he wanted an ambulance to come take him to Memorial. EMS came and checked all the man’s vitals, which were reportedly fine. The man was taken to jail for processing.


Entering an auto

Sept. 18 – An Ellabell woman mistook a suspect for her husband. She said she walked outside her home and saw her car door open, with someone lying across the seat with their feet hanging outside. When she walked back into the house, she saw her husband sitting in the recliner and realized there was an unknown person in her vehicle. She went back outside but the person was gone; when police arrived the car door was still open and there were numerous items scattered about the car that had come from the glove box. The woman said she didn’t see anything missing at that time. The area was searched, but no further evidence was spotted.



Sept. 14 – A woman said an unknown suspect entered her home and stole a gun located in her master bedroom closet, and a jewelry box full of jewelry located on her dresser. The complainant said she had left home at about 7:45 a.m. and returned home at around 6 p.m. to find the items missing. She said the door to her home might have been left unlocked, and her six children were in the home once school let out. There were no reported signs of forced entry. The oldest child said the door was unlocked when he arrived home from school, and the woman admitted she may have forgotten to have set the alarm before leaving for work. She listed a diamond wedding ring, two white gold and topaz sets of jewelry, a diamond bracelet, and a white gold and sapphire set of jewelry, along with her Taurus 22 Magnum gun, among items missing, valued over $3700.


Welfare check

Sept. 18 – A Richmond Hill woman said her husband had left his mother’s home on Sept. 16 and had not been seen since. The woman said he had left in a gray 2004 Ford F-150, and had been using his bank card for the past two days at a store located on Bay Street, in Savannah. Several transactions had reportedly been made, each for $200. The man was last seen in blue jean shorts and a blue t-shirt. The woman said she had tried calling her husband numerous times, but he hadn’t answered or called her back. She was told an attempt to locate the man and have a welfare check would be done.


Child restraint required

Sept. 12 – An Ellabell woman allegedly was driving down Hwy. 280 with her infant seated in the lap of a passenger. Additionally, the deputy reported another child in the back seat without child safety seats. The driver said her infant was one-year-old, and was not in a safety seat because the other passenger was changing the baby’s diaper. The report noted there was an infant safety seat in the back of the car that was currently holding garbage. When asked for her insurance card, the woman said she was waiting on the car dealership to send her the paperwork to get insurance, and showed the deputy an Aug. 11 bill of sale. She received a citation for no insurance and two citations for child restraint required. The vehicle was towed with a hold for insurance; when the woman pulled out her belongings from the car, the deputy saw two child booster seats in the trunk of the vehicle.


Giving false name/info

Sept. 12 – Police were told a Waffle House employee was wanted by the National Guard. A copy of the warrant was provided, and a deputy went to Waffle House to try and find the offender. At the restaurant, an employee provided the deputy with his name (not that of the offender), and said he didn’t have any ID on him. When questioned about the offender, the employee said he knew him, and that he would be at work at 11 that night. The manager then came out, and verified the information. After the deputy left, the manager called him to tell him that the offender was in fact at work already, and was the employee the deputy had already spoken with. When back at the Waffle House, after being asked several times, the employee admitted he was the offender and was placed under arrest.


Golf cart burglary

Sept. 14 – After returning to Richmond Hill from a week-long trip in Washington State, a woman allegedly found two car titles and her golf cart missing from her home. The woman told police the titles were in a folder in her kitchen, and the golf cart had been parked in her back yard, surrounded by a privacy fence. She said her husband had been watching her children while she was away, and had gotten the keys to her residence from their son. Their younger child saw the man in the house, and said he watched his father looking under the complainant’s bed and through several file folders around the house. The man allegedly told the child that since he had bought the golf cart, he was taking it with him, the report said. The woman was told how to get a copy of the report, and the matter was turned over to investigators for additional review.


- from BCSO reports.

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