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Man takes break, SUV catches on fire
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Matter of record

Nov. 1 – At Hwy. 17 and Harris Trail, the victim said he and his passengers were traveling on Ga. 405 and stopped to take a break. While on the break, he noticed gas was coming from the vehicle, so he tried to get it to a shop. The vehicle allegedly caught fire during this attempt. The fire department extinguished the fire, but the vehicle had major damage and was towed by Blount’s Towing Service.


Assist EMS

Nov. 2 – Bryan County EMS and RHFD personnel were dispatched to Falcon Drive in regard to a man having chest and stomach pains. Upon arrival, the man was found lying on the kitchen floor of his residence, and appeared to be unresponsive, the report said. First Aid and CPR were administered and the man was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah under Code Three by the county’s EMS service. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering an apparent heart attack. Officers of the RHPD stood by until family and friends could arrive at the residence. According to the man’s family, he had a heard condition and had one previous heart attack.


Entering auto

Nov. 3 – A woman reported a missing/stolen firearm. She said she stored the .38 caliber, titanium Smith and Wesson six shot revolver inside her trick days before she noticed it went missing. She said she had two or three other firearms inside the truck that appeared undisturbed.

The woman said the truck had been secured at the time, and found no signs of any forced or non-forced entry into her vehicle. She said she was positive she had not misplaced it, no one else had access to the vehicle, and it had to have been stolen.

She could not provide a serial number, as the papers were with the missing gun. She was also unable to provide who she purchased it from, only that it had been at the gun show in Savannah. Without the serial number, the gun could not be entered into the database. The woman was told to call with any additional information and was given a case number.


Theft of mislaid property

Nov. 3 – A man called police to report a stolen guitar in front of Love’s Truck Stop. "Upon arrival, Mr. Tyler was standing in front of Love’s Truck Stop and swayed while standing still, had slowed, slurred speech, red watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath," the report said.

The man said he had just gotten out of Chatham County Jail and was dropped off by an unknown person. The man said he had put his guitar down and someone had stolen it from out front of Love’s while he went looking for a ride in the back of the building.

When questioned as to whether or not he was with anyone, he said he "watched people smoking crack in a car and then said they were in on the theft," the report said.

The report said the man’s stories were conflicting, and that he admitted to drinking in Savannah. When asked where he was, he said Savannah, and "he thought it to be T.A. or Travel America when Love’s was clearly on the sign and canopy in front of him," the report said. The man also allegedly didn’t know where I-95 was at, and "showed several mood swings" and repeatedly said he was the victim. He was given the field sobriety test, which he failed. His blood alcohol content read at .225, and he was arrested and taken to Pembroke to be held until sober and then released if bond was posted, the report said.


Simple assault

Nov. 5 – At roughly 1 a.m., a worker at the Best Western called 911 to report two employees engaged in a physical altercation. When police arrived, four women were located outside the hotel, including the manager. The manager said she was inside attempting to book a room for her mother when an employee attacked her, the report said. The woman who was working behind the desk said the manager had been drinking when she arrived with her mother. The woman said the manager "immediately started in on her, wanting to argue and asked why she was still on the clock," the report said.

The manager said when she tried to log out a free room for her mother, her employee grabbed at her face and lost control, attacking her. The woman had no visible marks on her face, and no statements were taken because the officer could tell she had been drinking, the report said.

The owner arrived and said he would sit down with all parties involved to handle the matter internally, and everything should be on the motel’s camera. A tape would be provided to police the next day, the report said.

From RHPD reports.

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