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Man says his catalytic converter is stolen
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Feb. 8 – A Pembroke man reported the catalytic converter from his GMC pickup had been stolen, along with some sockets. The man said he paid another man $150 to put a new motor in the pickup, but no work was done so he requested the pickup be returned. The man said he then noticed the catalytic converter had been removed along with approximately 30 swivel sockets.



Feb. 7 – A woman reported someone called her mother’s Richmond Hill home while she was visiting and told her he was going to beat her and hit her in the stomach. The woman is pregnant. She was advised to get a restraining order.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 7 – A Wilson Road man reported someone shot several windshields with a BB gun while the vehicles were parked in his yard. The shots caused cracks in two of the windshields and chips in the others.


Harassing phone calls

Feb. 6 – An Ellabell woman went to the sheriff’s complex to report that "a female keeps calling her cell phone and hanging up when she answers," the report said. "When (the complainant) calls the number back the female begins to curse at her."

The deputy called the number and "a female answered. When R/O (the deputy) asked whom was speaking, she would not advise and wanted to know who was calling," the report said. "R/O advised who I was and the reason for calling. At this time the female hung up on R/O. R/O called the number back and again advised the situation and asked her name. The female advised that she was not giving her name and began to get belligerent. At this time R/O advised the subject not to call the complainant back and ended the call."


Disorderly conduct

Feb. 3 – A Richmond Hill man was arrested for disorderly conduct following a dispute with his wife. The reporting deputy responded to a complaint of the argument and found the man outside getting a beer from his vehicle, the report said, noting there were busted beer bottles on the porch. "When I asked him what was going on he stated that ‘This was his … house and he was just drinking some beer.’" The man’s wife tried to explain what was happening but the man began cursing at her despite advice from the officer to be quiet. "When I advised (the man) a second time to calm down and stop yelling he (cursed at the officer) … then entered the residence as I told him to stay put. He slammed the door in my face. (He) was then placed under arrest for disorderly conduct," the report said. The man’s wife said someone told her husband she was having an affair and that was why he was so upset. She told the deputy the broken beer bottles were from the man throwing them at the house.


Obstruction, more

Feb. 6 – A Meldrim woman was arrested on a variety of charges after she allegedly tried to run from a deputy. The incident began when the woman’s car was spotted on Hwy. 280 along with a motorcycle. "The white car matched the description of a vehicle involved in possible theft of gas from a residence a few minutes prior," the report said. "So I turned around on the white car and caught up to them on Hwy. 280 near Church of God Road." The deputy noted the woman behind the wheel wasn’t wearing a seat belt so he turned on his lights and siren to pull her over. She did, but the motorcycle went up the road a bit, turned around and headed back toward the deputy – who clocked it at 111 mph. The deputy asked the woman if the motorcycle was with her and she said yes and gave the deputy a name. The biker "drove by three times on the motorcycle," the report said. "The third time he went by (the woman) became agitated and put the car in gear, attempting to get away. I jumped into the car with her to attempt to stop her from fleeing the scene. (The woman) pushed down on the gas accelerating the car quickly.

When I attempted to stop the car and keep it on the road at the same time, (the woman) attempted to bite me and was fighting for control of the car. The only option available was to strike her with my flashlight, which was already in my left hand. The strike of the flashlight did prevent her from biting me and made her let go of the steering wheel."

The deputy was able to get control of the car, but the woman jumped out and ran. She got about 30 feet before the deputy was able to catch her. She was handcuffed and arrested, and as she was frisked a small clear bag containing what appeared to be methamphetamines. A search of her car also turned up four other "bundles of methamphetamines," the report said. "Also, there was a strong odor of ammonia from the left rear passenger side of the car." A sergeant was called to take over the drug investigation.


Damage to property, theft

Feb. 5 – A deputy was dispatched to Duval Henderson Park on Hwy. 144, where he was told by a contractor that someone drove one of his tractors into a pond. "I observed the tractor still in the pond," the report said. That’s not all, however. The complainant said someone cut the lock off his trailer and took three saws, a laser level, a pair of five gallon gas cans and two DeWalt battery chargers. The case was turned over to a detective.


Identify theft

Feb. 5 – A Fort McAllister Road woman reported someone deposited a bogus $1,500 check into her bank account on Jan. 14 and made another fradulent $1,600 deposit on Jan. 15 – then withdrew $1,800 from her account. The case was turned over to a detective.



Feb. 3 – A Richmond Hill man reported "that someone had stole his camera and broke it off a tree to get it." A witness told the deputy that he had heard "that a (suspect) was talking about finding a camera and beating it off a tree to get it." The case was forwarded to a detective.



Feb. 2 – A Richmond Hill man reported someone entered his home "through an unlocked side door" and took a Playstation 2, five DVDs and a carton of Marlboro Light cigarettes. A detective was notified.


Marijuana possession

Feb. 1 – An assistant principal at Richmond Hill High School reported he saw two students skipping class and going out to one of the student’s vehicles, which was parked in the student parking lot. The assistant principal said he told the student he had probable cause to search the vehicle and asked the reporting deputy to help him with the search. "When the driver’s side door was opened I detected the strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle." Found was a small amount of "a green leafy substance which I believed to be marijuana" along with a pipe with what the deputy believed to be marijuana and marijuana residue. The deputy took the marijuana and pipe and told the student he could turn himself in once a warrant was secured.



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